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July 10, 2018

Aman Resorts prides itself on offering guests the most relaxing vacations possible. With luxury retreats located around the globe, Aman Resorts has the ideal place for holidaymakers no matter where their travels take them.

Amanusa – Indonesia

Situated in the untapped natural wilderness of Kuta Selatan, the Aman Villas at Nusa Dua are a luxury getaway from the norm. The resort is the definition of relaxing vacations with its private swimming pool, beautiful terrace and lounge- dining experience. The villas remote location makes it the perfect spot for a rejuvenating holiday away.



Amanjiwo – Indonesia

The Dalem Jiwo Suite takes the natural beauty of Indonesia and combines it with the unforgettable architecture of the country. You will feel like Indonesian royalty or a Hollywood film star on location while staying at Amanjiwo. The expansive grounds and remote natural areas are perfect for hiking, walking or simply just relaxing. Complete with a private swimming pool and sea views, the Dalem Jiwo Suite is one of the best villas from Aman Resorts holidaymakers can choose.



Amanzoe – Greece

Set against the rugged natural landscape just outside Porto Heli, Greece, you will find the unforgettable Amanzoe Villas from Aman Resorts. The remote, relaxing villas are complete with a private swimming pool, fully equipped kitchen, servant quarters and even a media center. Relaxing vacations can be found at Amanzoe and when you aren’t lounging at your villa, you can explore the beaches of Argolis.

Amanzoe | Haute Retreats


Amanyara – Turks and Caicos Islands

Situated in the lush tropical waters of the Carribean are Turks and Caicos Islands. There, you will find the beautiful Amanyara Tranquility Villa, one of the most relaxing Aman Resorts available to rent. The secluded villa transforms a relaxing holiday into one of the most magical experiences. The entire villa is soaked in sun and you will be able to spend much of your relaxing vacation around the swimming pool. Not only will you have a one of a kind villa, but there are a number of great

activities to enjoy. Watersports, tennis lessons and golf are all possible activities for guests at Amanyara.

Amanyara | Haute Retreats

Amanyara | Haute Retreats

Amanpuri – Thailand

Located in Phuket, Thailand, Amanpuri is set amongst the lush coconut groves of the area. The Amanpuri Villas combine classic Thai architecture with modern design for a luxury experience rarely found in Phuket. The villas are located near eight restaurants and nightclubs that offer unforgettable nights out in the Thai holiday hot spot.

Amanpuri | Aman Resorts | Haute Retreats

Amanpuri | Haute Retreats

Amanbagh – India

Get away from the insanity that is India’s major cities with a trip to Amanbagh. Relaxing vacations don’t come easily near the major cities of India, so take advantage of the quiet setting of Amanbagh. Combining classic Indian exterior architecture with an extravagant Asian interior design, Amanbagh has a regal atmosphere that leaves guests feeling like royalty. Situated at the foot of the Aravalli Mountains, you will be on the doorstep of rural India while being just 90 minutes from the major city Jaipur.

Amanbagh | India | Haute Retreats

Amanbagh | Haute Retreats


Amanoi – Vietnam

On the shores of a relaxing Vietnamese lake, Amanoi is an ideal holiday spot for those looking to rejuvenate and recover. The resort contains two spa houses that help make your stay a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of home. A Vietnamese massage will also give you the chance to feel refreshed. Along with a private pool and views of the local national park, Amanoi is a fantastic Aman Resorts option.

Amanoi | Vietnam | Haute Retreats

Amanoi | Vietnam


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