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Asian Weddings: 5 Themes to Totally Adore

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April 12, 2021

Asian wedding themes are an inspiration for any South Asian wedding and international wedding.

The uniqueness of a wedding is what make an event planner a great one.

Here at Haute Retreats we know how important this is.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or simply browsing for ideas, these themes are stunning and beautiful.

From different colour palettes to individual decor, each theme can be turned into your own look.

Here are 5 Asian wedding themes to check and totally adore.



A pastel theme is perfect for both warm summer day and a cold winter afternoon.

In this time there is strictly one colour like pink or it can be a variety of colours. Something fun like a candyfloss machine will be perfect to accompany the light and jolliness of a pastel theme wedding.

When it comes to pairing a colour with pastel shades, white is an easy choice to go for as it will pair well with any colour.

You can keep a predominantly white theme, with hints of pastel shades like pink or blue to add a pop of colour.

Photo Credit Wedding Elegance New York City


White Floral

White is the color for elegance and royal sense.

Some of our animal friends like white doves and horses would be totally complimentary with this theme as it has such a feeling of peace and elegance.

The music has to be slow and soft music would be perfect for this theme and celebration of love.

You could also serve guests a light afternoon tea, to further enhance the Downton Abbey-like approach this theme has.

Photo Credit Wedding Elegance New York City

Destination Wedding

This is the perfect excuse for a getaway and will surely make your wedding a memorable one.

The beauty of a destination wedding is that it can be anywhere.

Whether it is frosty Switzerland or sunny Mykonos, a destination wedding is a new trend for Asian wedding themes.

Depending on the location of the wedding, it would be quite cool to see a theme from the origins of that country being followed.

Of course, you can bring the beautiful South Asian culture along too.

You can opt for a more traditional themed wedding, with the twist of an exotic location.

A destination wedding is a memorable event not just for the lovebirds but for their friends and family too!

Photo Credit Wedding Elegance New York City


Mykonos Theme

A fun and energetic theme to have for a South Asian wedding.

Many Asian wedding themes are starting to incorporate this, particularly in mehndi functions which is very fitting to the traditional bright shades of a mehndi.

Butterflies hanging from the ceiling and other fun decorations add such a playful vibe to the event.

Take your guests to Greece, with a fun and lighthearted Mykonos themed day.


Modern South Asian Wedding

This is very much a traditional white wedding, but with a Desi twist to it.

A timeless theme and there is so much beauty in the simplicity of such a wedding.

Asian brides would look absolutely stunning in a white gown, and grooms can opt for a sherwani or a suit.

Asian Wedding | Haute Retreats

Photo Credit Wedding Elegance New York City

Asian weddings will always be a memorable event. They are an institute of their own. Your special day will always be special, so it is vital for you to an enticing Asian wedding theme. With a wide range of colours and moods, there is certainly a theme that will contribute to your dream wedding.

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