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Best Beach Clubs in Amalfi Coast

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January 22, 2024

Amalfi Coast, Italy, is renowned for its spectacular beauty, charming coastal towns, and glittering turquoise waters. This stretch of coastline along the southern edge of the Sorrentine Peninsula offers some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in Europe. Dramatic cliffs and coves dotted with colorful fishing villages all overlook the shimmering blue Mediterranean Sea.

This dazzling landscape also features a number of exclusive and luxurious beach clubs where visitors can relax the glamorous atmosphere. Haute Retreats provides access to secluded paradises, exclusive beach clubs, and private sanctuaries of glittering azure waters. These beach clubs offer upscale amenities, fine dining, trendy cocktails, lounge areas, infinity pools, and exclusive access to some of the most beautiful private beaches and secluded coves along the coast.

List of 20 Best beach clubs in Amalfi Coast:

1. Otium – Minori

This 250-square-meter beach club is inspired by the ancient Roman thermal baths, aiming to recreate an environment for practicing “otium” – the art of luxurious relaxation. The facility has two sections: the spa center in Minori’s town center near the Roman villa and the beach establishment itself. The latter is a true gem where, beyond the sea and beach amenities like umbrellas, loungers, and cushions, there’s also a small spa area. Here, you can enjoy the swimming pool, whirlpool tub experience showers, saunas, and cold showers. With such an abundance of amenities to unwind amidst spectacular seaside views, Otium makes it easy to sink into a relaxed state.

Enjoy Otium Spa Mare at Villa Romana Hotel & Spa, on the Amalfi coast

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2. Arienzo Beach Club

Seeking privacy while remaining in Positano’s center? Arienzo Beach Club is the answer. Access involves either descending (and then climbing) 300 steps from the main road or the faster five- minute boat shuttle from Positano’s central pier. Once there, the enchanting location lets you relax and soak up the famous panorama. Sunbeds have table service for local drinks and cuisine, best enjoyed on the intimate wooden pergola. As sunset nears, Arienzo becomes a lounge bar with music and cocktails, and moonlit sunbeds allow you to fully enjoy the romantic charm.

Where to Channel Your Beach Club Chic on the Amalfi Coast - Lifestyle - Amalfi Coast

3. La Gavitella

Escape to the upscale sanctuary of La Gavitella, one of the Amalfi Coast’s most sumptuous beach clubs catering to discerning travelers. During summer’s peak season, reserve cushioned loungers and private umbrellas Dotting the glittering shoreline, with attendant service delivering chilled wines and Mediterranean delicacies. Or retreat poolside to cabanas with infinity views, indulging in rejuvenating massages, cool drinks in hand. As the sun dips low, La Gavitella’s sleek restaurant and bar become the places to toast the sunset, pairing gourmet seafood cuisine with fine Italian vintages. From the beach to the poolside to tables flickering with candles, La Gavitella surrounds guests in laidback luxury.Gavitella Beach | Reviews 2024 | Well Traveled

4. La Scogliera

Tucked between Positano’s rugged cliffs, an elevator descends to the secluded paradise of La Scogliera and its exclusive beach overlooking the fabled Li Galli islands. Guests sink into plush sofas and loungers dotting the stylish cabana-style terrain as attentive staff fulfill their every need. The aquamarine sea beckons just steps away, or lounge by La Scogliera’s jet-set pool framed by vine-covered pergolas. As the afternoon wanes, retreat to the breezy restaurant to toast the sunset with fine Italian wines and meticulously prepared dishes from land and sea.

La scogliera Beach resort

La scogliera Beach resort

5. Il Pirata

Offering a refined yet relaxed Praiano escape, Il Pirata’s sophisticated beach club overlooks crystalline waters from a private cove, with families welcomed to reserve loungers or balé daybeds with billowing curtains. Attendants will deliver regional wines, fresh juices, and light bites from the menu focused on locally sourced specialties. When the mood strikes, descend the stone staircase to swim in the impossibly blue sea or ascent the clifftop path to the charming restaurant, its vine-covered terrace serving visually stunning dishes infused with Amalfi Coast flavors. As sunset approaches, signature cocktails incorporate herbs from Il Pirata’s garden.

IL PIRATA — STUART CANTOR PHOTOGRAPHY | Amalfi, Instagram, San pietro

6. Conca del Sogno

Arriving via boat or seaside path to the secluded Conca del Sogno, recline into a coveted beachside balé bed, soft breezes rustling the curtains. Your attendant delivers chilled Prosecco to sip while gazing out at the fabled Li Galli islands where sirens once lured Ulysses. Behind your balé, the exclusive restaurant prepares enticing dishes using herbs and produce from nearby gardens and orchards. Later, wander to the poolside bar to indulge in an Aperol spritz and elegant small plates as DJ music creates a lively yet luxurious atmosphere. Or perhaps schedule a couples’ massage In the beachside cabin before an intimate beachfront dinner under the stars.


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7. Lido Di Ravello

Experience relaxed sophistication on Atrani’s tranquil Spiaggia di Castiglione beach, home of the intimate Lido Di Ravello Retreat. Attendants escort guests along cliffside walkways blooming with roses and jasmine to reach the private sanctuary with butler service and relaxed surroundings. Featuring a dedicated infinity pool adorned with potted palms, posh cabanas and a patio bar overlooking the sea, the Retreat offers ultimate seclusion steps from the beach. Relax into plush loungers as chilled drinks and cuisine focusing on fresh seafood and local produce are delivered seaside.

Best Amalfi Coast Beach Clubs - Visit Beautiful Italy

8. One Fire Beach Club

Arriving at Praiano’s One Fire Beach Club, guests enter a sunny sanctuary of relaxed indulgence overlooking sapphire waters. Instead of sand, a manicured platform dotted with linen-draped canopy beds invites lounging with a cocktail in hand as melodic music sets a lively mood. Attendants proffer creative bites celebrating the area’s flavors, along with the club’s signature “watermelon rite,” where staff theatrically slice the fruit with flair. As the sun sinks slowly into the sea, signature cocktails incorporate herbs from the club’s garden. The private restaurant offers candlelit dining on the stone patio with choreographed service.

Lido One Fire Beach on the map with photos and reviews

9. Chalet de Mar

Evoking the breezy warmth of a private villa, Positano’s Chalet de Mar beach club pampers guests like honored house guests. Attendants provide sun loungers along the glittering shore, delivering drinks and small Mediterranean plates upon request. Later, lunch waterside on fresh seafood linguine and chilled local wines. Or perhaps schedule a rejuvenating massage in the spa cabana before heading out on a boat excursion. As the afternoon sun illuminates Positano’s iconic multicolored houses built into the cliffs, wander up to the Beach Club’s sleek lounge for sunset aperitivos and a vibrant scene, drinks in hand as melodic music sets the mood for celebration.

Amalfi Coast Villas by Haute Retreats

10. Bagni D’Arienzo

Nestled dramatically into cliffs towering over Positano, Bagni D’Arienzo’s private beach club combines casual glamour with indulgent service. Guests arrive by shuttle boat or seaside path to find a welcoming oasis of orange-hued loungers and billowing white umbrellas anchored in the tiny beach cove. Attendants swiftly deliver drinks and the day’s catches to your chosen spot as you soak in heavenly views of Li Galli islands and Positano cascading to the sea. To fuel beachside revelry, the club’s open-air restaurant overlooks the glittering panorama, serving vivid salads and pasta along with the catch of the day simply grilled with lemon and olive oil.

Lemon Ravioli with a View! Arienzo Beach Club - Positano, Italy | Positano,  Beach club, Positano italy

11. Lido Degli Artisti

Offering rustic charm on Amalfi’s Duoglio beach, Lido Degli Artisti’s historic structure opens to reveal spectacular vistas framed by rocky grottos kissed by the sea. Attendants usher guests to lounge under billowing umbrellas, delivering drinks and cuisine showcasing fresh seafood and produce. Later, partake in the camaraderie of Italian beach culture while savoring wine and conversing with the convivial crowd around you. For active pursuits, staff provide equipment for windsurfing, snorkeling, or exploring secret coves accessible only by water.

12. Capo La Gala

From the elegant sanctuary of the Capo La Gala terrace, take in the epic seascape where cerulean waters meet pastel skies over the Amalfi Coastline. Sink into plush seating shaded by olive trees as attendants deliver cocktails made with locally-grown citrus and herbs. Later, recline near the poolside to access the alluring infinity edge, which appears to spill into the sea as gentle music plays. For utter tranquility, schedule a couple’s massage in the sleek cliffside spa cabanas. When sunset nears, descend to the hotel’s private beach club to toast the deepening colors with a vibrant aperitivo session.

Capo di Conca – Lido Balneare & Ristorante in Amalfi Coast

13. Treville Beach Club

Accessible only by Positano’s hourly shuttle boat, the Treville Beach Club provides exclusive luxury on the intimate Laurito beach. Guests reserve canopy beds or private cabanas to claim their seaside oasis, attended by staff ready to deliver snacks, chilled wine and other desires. To sink fully into relaxation, Haute Retreats schedules soothing massages on the beach, gently lulled by rhythmic waves. After sunset, many decamp to Da Adolfo next door to join the lively local scene, pairing freshly caught seafood with local wines.

Review of Treville Beach Club in Amalfi Coast (Positano) | The Beach Club  Guide

14. Da Adolfo

Since 1966, Da Adolfo on picturesque Laurito Beach has proffered the magic elixir for experiencing Southern Italy’s vibrant beach culture – friendly service, bountiful shared meals, excellent local wines, and a setting overlooking sapphire waters with Positano’s pastel-hued villages cascading down nearby cliffs. The epitome of casual seaside charm, Da Adolfo’s patio features rows of sun loungers perfect for languid afternoons reading or conversing with newly made friends from across the globe. Locals mix easily with worldly travelers at communal tables, bonding over flavorsome pasta, grilled bronze sea bass, mussel soups and other regional specialties.

15. Belvedere Beach Club

The Belvedere Beach Club enjoys a majestic setting cliffside in Ravello, overlooking spectacular sea and village views. The sleek and open-air lounge area features an infinity pool that seems to spill out over the sheer sea cliffs. Plush white sofas shaded by billowing canopies create an oasis of relaxation and comfort. Guests can spend hours here unwinding while soaking up the extraordinary panoramas and enjoying poolside food and drink service. The Belvedere Beach Club also grants access to a private pebbled beach cove via coastal steps leading down the cliff face.

Hotel Belvedere on Italy's Amalfi Coast - wired2theworld

16. La Fontelina

Positano boasts one of the most legendary beach clubs on the entire Amalfi Coast, simply called La Fontelina. Overlooking the town’s main Spiaggia Grande beach and rocky Lynn Peninsula, La Fontelina, since 1949, has been the see-and-be-seen spot for artists, celebrities, and chic travelers. Whitewashed arches, nautical décor elements, and colorful throw pillows add casual bohemian flair. With Haute Retreats, guests pass blissful hours lounging under vines and umbrellas on the various open-air terraces built into the cliffs cascading down towards the sea.

17. Casa Malaparte

Perched dramatically on Positano’s rugged cliffs sits Casa Malaparte, an avant-garde 1930s residence that appeared famously in Jean-Luc Godard’s 1963 film Contempt. The iconic salmon- colored structure and its adjoining cabana-style beach club area offer a simply spectacular setting overlooking the iconic Li Galli islands. Guests access the beach club down a winding cliffside staircase to a private platform and ladders extending right into the sea. The elite environment has an artsy yet laidback vibe perfect for relaxing with cocktails under striking red parasols as yachts sail by in the shimmering blue waters.

18. Marinella Beach Club

Ensconced within Praiano’s dramatic cliffs, Marinella Beach Club grants exclusive access to a coveted private beach overlooking idyllic vistas. Attendants greet guests at the discreet coastal entrance, escorting visitors to the sundeck’s plush loungers shaded by olive trees. Throughout the day, staffs deliver chilled cocktails and thoughtfully composed bites celebrating regional ingredients. Retreat seaside to the Beach Club’s private cabanas for rejuvenating massages lulled by waves. Later, gather at candlelit tables where the Michelin-starred restaurant presents visually stunning interpretations of Campania cuisine paired with rare indigenous wines.

Marinella beach club by Haute Retreats

19. Tonino’s Beach

From a secluded cove caressed by sea and sun, Tonino’s Beach Club welcomes guests to its refined rustic sanctuary overlooking scintillating azure waters. Attendants offer lounge chairs along the stony shoreline, delivering snacks and chilled wine upon request. Later, savor Southern Italy’s beachside culture with grilled seafood and tomato salads, complemented by local white wines. As the afternoon wanes, signature Aperol Spritz cocktails incorporate fragrant lemons from the family orchard. At dusk, flames flicker from seaside brassieres where grilled sea bass and langoustines are prepared tableside.

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20. Mar Di Cobalto

Explore Mar Di Cobalto atop Licosa’s cliffs along a scenic seaside path scented with wild rosemary. Attendants offer flutes of sparkling Prosecco, escorting guests to reserved canopy beds overlooking glittering azure waters. Sink into plush luxury as staffs deliver creative tapas accented by edible flowers from the restaurant’s garden terrace. Wander cliffside trails down to access Cobalto’s semi-private beach and curving saltwater pool carved into lichen-bearded rock. Schedule a therapeutic massage with Haute Retreats.


Haute Retreats unlocks the doors to luxury travelers’ most coveted Mediterranean experiences. No matter which beach club you choose for ultimate relaxation paired with stunning scenery, you’ll be living like Italian royalty for the day.

Every guest feels like a VIP when they choose to spend sometime at these beach clubs, enjoying the sweet life in one of the Europe’s most coveted vacation destinations. As the crystal blue waters shimmer invitingly just steps away, the hardest decision is whether to take another dip in the pool or relax with a cocktail.

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