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April 26, 2024

5 Amazing Beaches in St. Barts

Last updated on May 4th, 2024 at 12:24 pm

Go & experience the splendour of St. Barth’s. It’s an absolute heaven with magnificent beaches, fresh waters and great atmosphere where someone can eat, drink and be merry. If basking in the sun all day is what you really enjoy doing then Saint Barthélemy should be your next holiday spot. In this article, I am going to tell about five spectacular beaches that will leave you speechless!”

Shell Beach

Beach #1: Shell Beach st barts

At the western coast of St. Barts is located the beautiful Shell Beach. This lovely beach is covered with numerous seashells hence its name and presents an unusual and attractive view. Shell Beach remains to be a peaceful place considering its soft sand that is yellowish white coupled with gentle waves which are heard hitting against the shore.
One cannot miss to experience the magnificent sunsets at Shell Beach which see the sky being painted in various shades of bright orange, pink and purple. As the sun goes down below the horizon casting golden light on all those shells around you, it will seem as if you are living inside a postcard. Whether your idea for spending time here involves sitting back on some part of this sandy strip or taking refreshing swims within these clear blue waters; no matter what – one thing is certain: magic happens at shell beach!

For those who seek thrills there are also opportunities such as visiting Gustavia Harbor close by where from this point only few minutes’ walk separate us. Being in such proximity grants us access not only to vibrant marina life but also affords chance for watching sleek motorboats pass by while enjoying seafood dishes served right next door to ocean waves crashing along waterfront promenade restaurants too many count!

It’s simply impossible not to fall head over heels with Shell Beach, a place that should be visited by every person who loves beaches and natural beauty equally much!

caribbean getaway by Haute RetreatsColombier Beach

Beach #2: Colombier Beach

Hidden on the northwest coast of St. Barts is Colombier Beach, a remote and unspoiled paradise. This area has been left alone by human hands, and can only be reached by boat or foot along a beautiful trail. On your way to the beach itself there are many lookout points where you can see the entirety of this coast line as well as out into that blue turquoise sea.
When you get to the beach at Colombier you will find soft white sand beneath your feet, calm palm trees waving in the wind above your head and an overwhelming sense of peace that is hard to come by anywhere else. It’s basically surrounded on all sides by steep green hills which makes for quite a dramatic setting! A short hike takes you over a little hill with breathtaking views down onto this secluded bay before it opens up before you – truly magical stuff!

What also sets Colombier apart from other beaches in St Barths is its lack of commercial development. There are no hotels or restaurants anywhere near here so pack yourself a picnic lunch and spend the day! Bring your mask and snorkel too because there’s some amazing coral just offshore waiting for discovery… or if hiking is more up your street then try one of those paths leading off into these verdant hills behind! You won’t regret either way – trust us.

Gouverneur Beach
Beach #3: Gouverneur Beach

If you want to get away from it all then Gouverneur Beach is top of the list. Found on the southern coast of St. Barts, this little-known gem provides a peaceful break from normal life. The beach is located between two rock cliffs that makes it feel private and secluded unlike any other place. When you step on the soft white sand of Gouverneur Beach, there’s one thing you’ll notice right away – the view is amazing. You can look directly across the clear blue water to the other side, where verdant hillsides stretch out as far as you can see. Little has been done here in terms of development or facilities; there are very few amenities available so that people can truly switch off from their usual lives and appreciate what natural beauty St Barts has to offer them. This means that whether your idea of paradise involves sunbathing all day long or going for leisurely swims whenever it takes your fancy, this place has got your back covered too. If all you want to do is walk along its shores then even better because there aren’t any crowds around either way; therefore making Governor Beach perfect not only for locals but also tourists who wish they could find somewhere more peaceful still.

St Barts Villas by Haute Retreats

Saline Beach

Beach #4: Saline Beach

Hidden in a nature park on the southern coast of St. Barts is Saline Beach – a real refuge of peace. You will have to walk through beautiful salt pans before you get to the beach which only adds to the thrill. When you reach it, however, you will be stunned. The sand is soft and white, extending for miles into the clear turquoise sea that gently slopes down. Saline Beach has no infrastructure or facilities around it so this only underlines its natural appeal – here you can truly become one with serene surrounding. You may choose to lie on the sand, take a swim in lukewarm waters or bathe in the sun all day – whichever activity fits your idea of paradise, Saline Beach delivers an ideal beach experience. There is also clothing-optional section at further end of the beach which is popular among naturists. If anyone wants their own private piece of coastline whilst staying in St Barts then Saline Beach should be number one choice!

Flamands Beach

Beach #5: Flamands Beach st barts

Flamands Beach is located on the northern coast of St Barts. It is a lovely beach with vibrant beachfront all around it. It is also one of the longest beaches on the island, measuring over half a mile in length. Therefore, many people, both locals and tourists, love it. There’s something for everyone at Flamands Beach; this place offers amenities and activities that cater for all kinds of beach enthusiasts. If you just want to lay back on a sunbed or get pampered with an oceanfront massage – whatever rocks your boat! You can also engage in water sports like paddle boarding or kayaking here at Flamands Beach among others. There are several restaurants and bars along the sandy shore which serve food directly from their kitchens as well as refreshing drinks made behind their counters while you take in fantastic views of distant oceans. As night falls at Flamands Beach, things get even more enchanting than ever before: skies turn into canvases painted with bright shades ranging from deep red through vibrant orange to pale pink hues against which people could have such perfect strolls along coastal lines during evenings like these. Spend a whole day sunbathing on soft white sands or watch sunsets with loved ones – no matter what you do, Flamands Beach cannot be missed when visiting St Bart’s.

Insider Tips for Visiting St. Barts’ Beaches

For a quiet seaside holiday away from the crowds, ensure you plan your trip during the off-season.
Remember to take sunblock because of high solar activity on Saint Barthelemy.
Renting a car or using taxi services is advisable if one wants to visit various beaches situated far from each other on the island as they cannot be reached on foot easily.
Don’t forget about packing your snorkeling equipment so that you could explore the lively marine life of St. Barth’s.
Please respect nature when staying at any beach area here – just leave everything clean after yourself while spending time close to nature.

Best Time to Visit St. Barts for Beach Lovers

St Bart’s is best visited in the dry season which lasts from December to April if you like beaches. During this time, you can expect clear skies, calm waters, and comfortable temperatures, making it ideal for beach activities and sunbathing. If peace and solitude are what your heart desires then I suggest going during May-June or November as these are considered “shoulder seasons”. The weather is still lovely during these months but there won’t be as many people jostling for space on St. Bart’s beaches. However, expect some light showers every now and then because rainfall chances slightly increase at this time of year too.


Beach Activities and Attractions in St. Barts

Apart from having breathtaking beaches, St. Barts also features different activities and attractions that can make your beach adventure even more memorable. Here are the most important ones; In the island’s crystal-clear waters, snorkelling or diving is possible to witness rich marine life. You can take a boat trip or sail around to discover secret inlets and private beaches. At Gustavia Harbor which is close by, you can see the lively marina atmosphere and enjoy dining near the water. You may want to hike along scenic coastal trails for stunning views of the island. Enjoy seafood and refreshing cocktails at restaurants that serve beachfront meals. With its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lively culture; St. Barts is indeed a paradise for any lover of beaches. This gem in the Caribbean has something for everyone whether they are looking for an isolated retreat or a busy waterfront scene. So slip out of those shoes, grab some sunscreen, and join us as we explore five amazing beaches in St. Barths – it’s going to be one helluva sun-filled day on this tropical paradise island!

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