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August 12, 2017

How To Book The Best Possible Exclusive Villas in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world, in fact, it even has the title of the most visited tourist destination of the world in its bag since 2013.

The 50th largest country of the world spawns on an area of 513,120 square kilometers of land, hosting the 20th largest population of the world at 66 millions. Thailand is a tropical rain state, having its climate under the influence of heavy monsoon winds resulting in abundant rain through May to October.

Thailand is surrounded nature’s extravagances all around, having Thai highlands in the North, Khorat plateau in Northeast, Mekong River in the east while central Thailand comprises of Chao Phraya river valley that, falling into the Gulf of Thailand.

The consequent joining of the Gulf with Andaman sea makes Thailand inexplicably dearer since the sea is a cite for expensive natural resources, also housing Asia’s most popular and luxury resorts.

While planning a family vacation or weekend retreat, Thailand provides optimum luxury resorts and villa for the ultimate experience. Popular locations for such villas are in Phuket, Bangkok, Krabi, Ranong, Phang Nga, Chiang Mai, Koh Tao, Koh Samui and the surrounding islands.

Tourism makes 6 percent of Thailand’s economy, thus, Thai government is adroit in the industry’s promotion and expansion.

Among Thailand’s attractions ranging from epically rich heritage, infusion of Indian, Chinese, Lao, Burmese and Cambodian cultures, Thai Cuisine, palaces, Buddhist temples, sandy  beaches, nightlife and world’s largest market in Bangkok, Thailand is a land of archaeological interest as well with its inhabitation dating back to 4,000 years.

Among its national holidays, Thai New Year SongKran and Loy Krathong are celebrated while the four states of Northern , North Eastern, Central and Southern Thailand host many festivals with their own set traditions like Elephant Roundup, Rocket Festival, Phi Ta Khao and Fashion shows.

When visiting such a vibrant country, it is necessary to glean as much from the visit as possible. The luxury villas are mostly private owned. While renting them, one must keep in mind whether the space being provided is enough for the entourage or not, whether it has entertainment room, how many bathrooms does it entail, the distance from the airport, public transport, local sites and other beaches and of course, whether it is staffed or not. Haute Retreats selected the best luxury homes for rent in Thailand that will create that home from home feeling.

Most private luxury villas come with a master bedroom with a private balcony, 3-4 guestrooms, a bar, full sized kitchen, dining and living rooms, tv lounge/study, a media room and a fitness room, 3-4 bathrooms, and spacious leg areas.

The villas come fully furnished with amenities like king sized beds, air conditioning as the temperatures can rise upto 40 Degrees Centigrade, safety deposits and complimentary toiletries. The villas on the more expensive side contain infinity pools and 360 Degrees panoramic views of the surrounding as well. 2-3 staff members like maids and on hand chef, including in some cases a  manager as well.

Thus if you are truly planning an unforgettable vacation and don’t want your vacation to loose its lustre, it is better to check the accommodations, location and staff present at the villa before booking it.

Another important thing is to make sure the vacation is not only memorable for you but your kids as well. There should be safety locks on all doors, easy fire exits in case of emergencies, the media rooms should be fully functional and contain children entertainment as well, this can however, easily be made possible by the presence of a strong wifi connection at hand.

Since almost all the luxury villas already cater to these needs, if properly planned, a trip to Thailand can become easily the trip of a lifetime.

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