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June 27, 2017

Last updated on September 20th, 2020 at 12:00 am

The beautiful Pacific Lagoon Bora Bora is a place everybody wants to visit. It is hard to say what makes it more beautiful, the turquoise water splashing into the white sandy beaches or the magnificent barrier reef. Well, that’s up for you to decide but when it comes to accommodation, the choice has been made already. The Bora Bora One is the most private and most splendid luxury villa rental on the island. When you have been there and loved it from the moment you stepped in it, except for one little detail – the fact that you have to leave it. Wonder why is that so?
To start with, it is placed on the dreamiest place on the island, overlooking the Pacific and the mountains surrounding the lagoon. It is a quite large estate with a private beach, which gives you a lot of intimacy. That is something you really need while on a vacation, plus it is easier to enjoy all the beautiful surrounding on the Bora Bora. This experience gets even better since there are five independent suites which provide the necessary harmony and intimacy.

Villa Bora Bora One

Although the suites are truly magnificent, it is probably not the place where you will be spending the most of your time. The picturesque garden covered with the shade of coconut trees and a marble swimming pool in the middle is the usual favorite of the guests. This is the place where you can be as lazy as you want with a nice book, pleasant music or a massage. Once you are done with being lazy, just take a walk around the garden and check that small special spot made for spying the whales swimming on the horizon.

The staff at the Bora Bora One is truly amazing and they are truly there to make your dreams come true. It makes you wonder if they have some special mind reading powers or perhaps they are just good at anticipating your desires. Drinks, fruits, cocktails or anything else you wish is present at any place, no matter if it is the pool, beach, boat or your suite. The entire place, including the rooms, is cleaned every day, but you will probably not catch the staff in cleaning action. The staff always makes sure you don’t get disturbed, so the cleaning is done while you are not there. You will always get enough of clean towels, robes and all the other stuff needed for a pleasant stay. Plus, the Bora Bora One team will make sure you have the absolute mobility around the island with their boat – The Disco Volante.

One can’t be bored in Bora Bora One since there are many cool and new things to try. Everybody can find something that suits their needs, from more adrenaline-packed activities such as bike riding, mountain climbing, feeding the sharks, to some easy going ventures like visiting the spa or various types of massage.
And for those who need a bit of motivation for some new adventures, there are many highly-skilled personal trainers ready to help with everything. Kids usually love to go fishing since they get a unique chance of learning the best tips from the experienced fisherman.
The Bora Bora One experience will definitively make you very hungry. But that is actually good since they will also get you fed. Nobody stays hungry here thanks to the three specially designed menus in the private restaurant. Trying the local dishes will fulfill the complete Bora Bora experience, but you can enjoy the French and other European specialties too.
Visiting the Bora Bora Island is truly a remarkable experience you will never forget. The Bora Bora One will make sure your stay goes absolutely perfect.

Their service starts from the moment you come close to the island and it stops once you lose it from your sight.

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