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March 19, 2021

We created an itinerary through two distinct regions of Mexico by private jet that you can customise.

Explore the various cultures and climates, we include private tours of cities, archaeological sites, explore the beauty of southern Mexico and learn more about colonial and indigenous history.

This itinerary does not have set dates but we suggest to travel through Mexico from December to April and can be also customise considering your interests, specifications and multigenerational groups.

A 10 day itinerary that can start from 4 guests to up 16 guests (depending on the private Jet).

ONEflight International

ONEflight International | Private Jet Charter | Haute Retreats Partner

Your vacation will start from the history-rich Yucatán Peninsula

DAYS 1-4

You will explore the capital of the Yucatán where a local guide will take you to discover the historical center of Mérida. This city includes so much history and great sights not to miss like the cathedral, Zócalo, and other colonial buildings.

This city includes the layered history as well as the contemporary importance of this city as you explore the Zócalo, cathedral and other colonial buildings. Due to the city’s geographical isolation, the experiences here are distinct and unforgettable. We also arrange excursions and visits of important locations such as the temple of Warriors, a sacred cenote and the Pyramid of Kukulkan. Then head to the magical colonial town of Izamal to visit a large Franciscan monastery built above an ancient Maya pyramid.

On the 3rd day you will have a private cooking lesson where you can learn to cook delicious Oaxacan cuisine that can be easily recreated at home. Led by a local chef, you will have the opportunity to learn about Oaxacan food, first by sourcing ingredients from the local market and then by returning to the kitchen to learn how to use them.

We will also arrange a Hot air balloon ride on your 3rd day of stay.

Merida | Mexico Itinerary


Your accommodation at Chable Resort, a boutique resort spread across 750 acres, in the heart of the Mayan tropical forest. Chable takes a holistic approach to health, offering the ultimate opportunities for pampering and wellness in a stunning, tropical setting. You can choose between private residences with private swimming pool or suites that combine Mayan architectural designs with the surrounding lush jungle, allowing guests to be in contact with nature while still enjoying all the human comforts at hand.

Royal Villa at Chablé Resort | | Mexico Resorts | Haute Retreats

Chable Resort | Mexico | Photo Credit by Haute Retreats

Private Jet Charter: Merida – Punta Mita 3 hours, 10 minutes

Your vacation includes a stay in renowned Punta Mita

DAYS 5-10

Punta Mita is the perfect destination that balances relaxation with beachside adventures. One of the most tranquil and intimate beach towns on the Mexican Pacific Coast where travelers love to spend their vacations surrounded by uncompromising splendour. Dazzling waters, unspoiled beaches and aquatic adventures create the ideal location to conclude your journey.

casa tres soles

Casa Tres Soles | Punta Mita Villas | Haute Retreats


Your accommodation when in Punta Mita could be a stay at one of the beautiful luxury villas or at the St Regis Punta Mita depending on the number of guests and the type of group we need to accommodate and upon availability.

Located in an exclusive area at the tip of Punta Mita, The Four Seasons offers the perfect place to get away from it all. Punta Mita boast one of the world’s largest bays, which offers impressive snorkeling, fishing and whale watching. On land, the top-class golf courses make it a golfer’s dream. With accommodations like unique beach houses with simple yet sumptuous décor that open onto private balconies or terraces, you can lounge in luxury.

Your stay in Punta Mita will include special rates at the Golf Course for your perfect Tee Times, a private sunset cruise. A sunset cruise is perfect to end your day in style when you have the possibility to sail out of the Pacific Ocean. Lounge on the deck, observing the changing colors of the sky over shining waters. Sip refreshments and enjoy snacks during your sunset adventure.

A snorkeling tour adventure as well as a trip to Sayulita.

This itinerary can be completely tailored to your requirements can be modified in any way to create a one-of-a-kind journey just for you.

Our prices will be based on the accommodation and activities listed based on six guests, but please prices are going to change depending on the dates, availability, and other activities that will be requested.

Please also feel free to check the private jet flight routes and availability


Covid 19 Testing and Health Protocols procedures will be followed during this trip.


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