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Mykonos Luxury Villas and Luxury Vacation Rentals

Mykonos Villas

Mykonos calls to you, beckoning you to discover its treasures both vibrant and serene. This jewel of the Aegean is renowned for stunning sands caressed by the sea and a lively spirit that awakens as the sun sinks into night. Yet a more soothing side of Mykonos exists within its charming streets and in the warm embrace of its people. Rent a luxury villa in Mykonos well appointed and let the true magic of this magical place unfold before you. Experience both the pulsating pleasures and peaceful charm Mykonos offers – all your own to fully appreciate and hold close to your heart. Answer the island’s siren song and find in Mykonos all that will inspire your soul.

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The Luxury of Mykonos Villa Rentals

Our collection of luxury villas in Mykonos guarantees luxury homes that will capture your heart and make you never want to leave!

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Why Mykonos With Haute Retreats? There Are Many Reasons Why You Might Choose A Mykonos Villa With Haute Retreats For Your Vacation. Here Are Some Of The Top Reasons:

Mykonos, located in the Cyclades group of Greek islands, is one of Greece’s most desired destinations due to its enchanting town, fantastic nightlife and lovely beaches.
Mykonos is covered with 85 square kilometers and offers a wide variety of activities for all types of tourists. This delightful island has something for everyone: sunbathing on Mykonos’ sandy beaches; walking along narrow streets in the waterfront village; buying small things from fashionable shops; tasting delicious Greek dishes; exploring its wild coast by chartering luxury yacht.

Mykonos Town lies on the west coast of the island and is also known as ‘Chora’ which translates to ‘The Town’ in Greek, following the common practice when the name of the island itself is the same name as the main town. This picturesque capital is a magnificent maze of narrow cobbled streets, white-washed cuboid houses with vibrant doors, windows, and balconies, and getting lost is a must-do!

At Haute Retreats, we feature properties of only the utmost in luxury, and our beautiful Mykonos villas are no exception. We always enjoy inspecting our Greek villas as they flawlessly fuse comfort, luxury, and a proud culture that brightens up each and every one of the villas. In keeping with the typical Cycladic architecture, much of the local architecture is characterized by flat roofs, cubic shapes, and dazzling white-washed walls, sparkling beautifully under the glorious Mykonos sun. 

Our team of Mykonos luxury house experts recently made a trip to the island and visited some of our Mykonos luxury villas; from the moment we stepped foot on this amazing island, we were welcomed warmly. Most of our Mykonos villas have one thing in common; they all have breathtaking views of the shimmering blue Aegean Sea and other neighboring islands like Syros, Tinos, Paros and Naxos seen afar. Some are perched majestically on a hillside while others stand alone with their own beauty and privacy boosting the splendid scenery.
Most of these luxury Mykonos villas we feature are big enough to accommodate many friends or relatives. The best way to explore everything that is on offer in Mykonos is by getting away with your loved ones, some of whom will be in close proximity to each other thereby allowing everybody to come along for an unforgettable, sun drenched, fun-filled trip! Each one of these Villas in Mykonos has its own private terrace as well as swimming pool where you can easily relax into ‘holiday mood’ enjoying a good book and a glass of local wine.

Mykonos Villas near the Beach

Staying in a villa near the beach of Mykonos is one of the most comfortable ways to spend an extravagantly luxurious and restful vacation. Guests can reach the beautiful coastline easily, so they can take pleasure in sunbathing, swimming in the sea or walking on sands at any time throughout their stay there; this ensures that they will have an uninterrupted and lavish beach vacation. Moreover, this rental is also perfect for those who love spending time by the ocean because it means you can walk up and down its shores whenever you want without prior planning; besides that, nothing is better than a good book under some shade while looking out into paradise around sunset – therefore such places with proximity ought not to be forgotten during holidays as they create memories which last forever! This particular villa called Villa Tan sits just four minutes away from nearest beaches while Paradise Gem 1 offers accommodation within short distances to popular Paraga Beaches.

Our selection of Luxury Villas in Mykonos

Most of our Mykonos villas have one thing in common; they all have breathtaking views of the shimmering blue Aegean Sea and other neighboring islands like Syros, Tinos, Paros and Naxos seen afar. Some are perched majestically on a hillside while others stand alone with their own beauty and privacy boosting the splendid scenery.

Where is Mykonos?

In the Cyclades, a Greek isle group’s center is an island called Mykonos which is known for its beautiful natural attractions and cultural charm. It can be found in the Aegean Sea and it has become a famous tourist destination because of its picturesque scenery, vibrant nightlife and unspoiled sandy beaches. Visitors can easily reach the charming town of Mykonos since this island is strategically situated among other islands in the Cyclades archipelago where narrow stone-paved pathways and lime-washed edifices invite exploration. Tinos, Syros, Paros or Naxos are some of the remarkable Greek Islands next to Mykonos which offers entry into a captivating island hopping sojourn thus one of most desired places by well-heeled tourists with indelible memories etched in their hearts from any vacationing experience on Aegean waters.

What is the weather like in Mykonos

May through June and September to October are the best times to go to Mykonos. During this time, the weather on the island is warm and there are fewer people, which gives visitors a chance to enjoy its peaceful beauty full of life at once. The water is warm enough for swimming and other beach activities as flowers bloom everywhere making the place look beautiful. This period has got just the right mix of good weather conditions and calm that makes it possible for one to really know what this island is all about like visiting its sights and getting in touch with local customs.

What plugs do they use in Mykonos?

n Mykonos, the power plugs and sockets (outlets) are of type C and type F. Type C has two round pins and is commonly used in Europe, South America, and Asia. It is not grounded and is almost always compatible with the 220-240V voltage. Type F, on the other hand, is used almost everywhere in Europe and Russia, except for the UK and Ireland. It has two round pins with two earth clips on the side and is grounded. The standard voltage in Mykonos, as in the rest of Europe, is 230V at a frequency of 50 Hz. Therefore, travelers visiting Mykonos may need to use a travel adaptor to ensure the compatibility of their electrical appliances with the local power outlets.

The Food you should eat when in Mykonos

The culinary scene in Mykonos is a delightful fusion of traditional Greek flavors and international influences, offering a rich tapestry of tastes and textures. Visitors can indulge in a myriad of delectable dishes, including the renowned “Ladenia,” a savory flatbread topped with tomatoes and onions, and the succulent “Louza,” a local delicacy of sun-dried pork marinated in spices. Seafood lovers will savor the freshest catches transformed into mouthwatering specialties such as “Astakomakaronada,” a tantalizing dish featuring lobster with pasta, and “Barbouni,” a flavorful red mullet prepared with local herbs and olive oil. Moreover, the island’s tavernas and restaurants showcase an array of mezze, or small plates, highlighting the vibrant flavors of Mykonian cuisine. From tangy feta cheese and olives to aromatic souvlaki and moussaka, the gastronomic experiences in Mykonos promise a culinary journey that captivates the senses and celebrates the island’s rich culinary heritage. At this Blog you will find out the best restaurants where to eat in Mykonos  Our Luxury Guide: Mykonos

The Best Activities you should not miss in Mykonos

During the summer, Mykonos has a lot of fun things that cater to all kinds of people who want to have a good time. Pristine beaches like Paradise Beach and Psarou Beach are ideal for sunbathing, swimming in the transparent waters as well as engaging in thrilling water sports such as windsurfing and jet-skiing. Mykonos also has world-class beach clubs and sunset bars for those looking for lively nightlife where they can enjoy pounding music, stylish atmosphere, and amazing views. Wandering around the charming streets of Mykonos Town, checking out iconic sites like the windmills from the 16th century that still stand today, or even visiting places such as Archaeological Museum with interesting exhibits is highly recommended while exploring its rich heritage. Furthermore, discerning travelers wishing to spend their best summer vacations may go on a yacht cruise or snorkeling tour or even hire private tours to other islands around.

If you wish to find out more about the Beach Clubs, look at our Blog on 7 Best Beach Clubs on Mykonos for Relaxing, Dining & Drinking You will find a wealth of great ideas

Why is Mykonos a great destination for your summer vacation?

Mykonos is a great place to visit during the summer, with a mixture of energy, natural beauty and leisure. Clean beaches, windmills and white premeditated buildings make Mykonos a perfect place for an amazing summer vacation as if it were on the postcard. This is the world of luxury beach clubs, exciting water entertainments and night fun that tourists can immerse themselves in. Hot summer days enable tourists to explore rich historical background of the island in warm evenings; while its cultural heritage grounds them firmly into this present century. In search of pure relaxation, adventure or cosmopolitan atmosphere one will always find his way to Mykonos which is all about exclusive indulgence offering unparalleled summer retreats.


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