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How to explore Ipoh in 3 days

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April 24, 2018

The historic Ipoh has risen to fame thanks to its idiosyncratic melange of nature, culture, and culinary. This once-upon-a-time tin mining city is a gateway to the Cameron Highlands and is favored by those looking for an attractive city break.  A city in north western Malaysia, Ipoh is also the third most populous city in the country.

Ipoh Old Town

Ipoh Old Town

Plan your vacation to Ipoh using this unique vacation planner website and put all your travel woes to rest. Here are a few suggestions as to how to spend 3 days in Ipoh as well as some of the must do/see/visit.

Day 1:

On your day 1, go on to explore the historic heart of Ipoh and get to know of its rich cultural heritage. Start your day by enjoying a hearty breakfast of Kai See Hor Fun – an authentic Ipoh signature noodle dish. Next, continue your day’s exploration by visiting the Ipoh Old Town. Here you can follow a trail and get a chance to see Ipoh Railway Station, an old clock tower, the banks, the old entertainment hub and series of wall murals. If hunger calls, you can stop at one of the traditional pastry shops to relish Heong Peng which literally translates into “fragrant pastries”. Continue exploring the city by next visiting Sam Poh Tong. This ancient temple is built inside a cave and has a hidden courtyard that is surrounded by mountains. As the day progresses, visit the Kek Lok Tong to admire its magnificent stalactites & stalagmites. End your day by visiting the Kellie’s Castle. This unfinished eccentric castle is quite spooky.


Day 2:

On this day, embark upon an exciting journey to see the largest flower in the world – Rafflesia. Set inside a rainforest in the Cameron Highlands, the flower blooms for only 5 to 7 days. Before you reach the site, you will require to trek the jungle for about an hour and a half. Along the way, stop at one of the natural jacuzzi and take a dip in its cool waters. Later, continue your journey to the Aborigines Village where you can learn more about the humble culture of the natives. On your way back to Ipoh, stop for a photo op at Sungai Palas Tea Plantation before visiting Malaysia’s oldest tea factory.

Alternatively, you can also visit the Mossy Forest on this day. This forest is found at the highest elevations of Cameroon Highlands. So much so that the nearness of the clouds makes the entire forest moist resulting into growth of moss, ferns, lichen, and orchids. This rich tropical evergreen forest is definitely one of a kind in the world. Here, chance upon viewing the carnivorous Pitcher Plant, Wild Ginger, Primitive Ferns and Wild Orchids.

Day 3:

Reserve your last day for adventure. On this day, visit Gopeng for its many water sports adventures. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, this town has many sites that provide natural thrills. The gushing waters of Kampar River will treat you to quite a thrilling experience. Enjoy many activities like white water rafting, waterfall abseiling, river crossing, and rappelling. There is a resort nearby that has a sheltered briefing area, a few toilets, changing rooms and showers.



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