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How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding

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May 28, 2021

How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding

Thinking about it, we can’t think of anything more illustrious, impressive and majestic than an outdoor wedding with perfect weather. Whether you want to throw an outdoor wedding for as long as you can remember or have been thrilled by all the great outdoor ideas in recent times, you’ll need to keep in mind that getting an outdoor setting isn’t so cut out and as dry as its indoor counterpart. There are many moving parts to put together an outdoor vibe event, but at the same time, the options and opportunities are endless.

Think about the extras and rent them

Since the tents are pretty much a blank canvas, you will most likely need to make a few extra touches to complete your favorite outdoor wedding look. Luckily, there are tons of design options available to rent: textured curtains and tiebacks, whimsical chandeliers, and colorful pillows. Decide which items are most important to you and then find out how to fit items at the top of your list and within your budget. Remember to know the return policy for each rental provider you work with.

For example, companies sometimes require votives and glassware to be cleaned and boxed before being taken back. Make an organized plan with the wedding coordinator or bridesmaid to decide who will be responsible for looking after it, then be sure to integrate it into the day’s schedule.

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Transform the venue into a fascinating space

Whether you’ve chosen a rustic spot in the woods, in a small yard, or on a large grassy lawn, make it more inviting and comfortable with lounge furniture and tons of pillows. If you don’t have room to move sofas and soft chairs, organize your dining area with smaller 4-seater reception tables instead of larger 8- or 10-seater tables to create a more intimate look. And of course, have fun with the decoration.

Fold the fabric from the ceiling of the curtains to soften the space or create divided “rooms”. Hang pomander on the frame sections and add more details to welcome guests and enhance the unique look of your wedding day. After all, the more you bring to your tent, the warmer and more pleasant it will be. Colorful sheets, bright lights and quirky little things create a unique atmosphere.

Set the mood with the right lighting

To create an atmosphere, add elements such as paper lanterns, spotlights, twinkling lights or majestic chandeliers.Illuminate closed walkways for easy access to bathrooms. Think: luminaries and fairy lights along the paths and glass jars or tea lights hanging from the branches of nearby trees. Something you may not have thought of? It is recommended to ask an electrician to check the position before switching on the blind.

Not only will they be able to make sure you comply with all relevant inspection regulations, but they should also be able to make recommendations on whether to rent an extra generator and how to safely protect your lighting fixtures. Nobody wants a blackout at their wedding party. You can also have a lighting specialist on hand to make sure everything stays in place and is lit up all evening.

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