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Ibiza Summer Holidays Guide:

Why You Should Visit in September
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August 12, 2022

Have you been planning a trip to Ibiza? If you have been considering this, there’s a lot to love about making the journey in September! However, many people miss out on the amazing opportunities in Ibiza during September, which could leave your trip substantially less memorable than it could otherwise have been. So, don’t travel to Ibiza until you’re confident you’ve planned the best month to go; you might just be amazed by how much value a trip to Ibiza in September could provide.

What Makes Ibiza Great In September?

When we think of a trip to Ibiza, we often imagine going in July or August. However, what if we were to tell you that this isn’t actually the best time to go and that you could have an even more exceptional experience if you went a little later in the season? 

Undoubtedly, Ibiza in September is incredibly appealing for a variety of reasons, and this could be worth considering overall. From the gorgeous old town, far from the bustle of the modern tourist areas, to the authentic salty air, the golden beaches, and the unforgettable hikes, it really is an island for everyone. In fact, with stunning World Heritage Sites such as Dalt Vila, you’ll truly make memories to last a lifetime.

Villa Jana | Ibiza Villa Rental | Haute Retreats


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Amazing Weather

Let’s face it – the stunning weather in Ibiza is a major appeal to many people, but you won’t have to miss out when you visit in September. In fact, while many assume that the weather will start to turn, this isn’t the case; often, the water is at its most wonderful, pleasant temperature, and the bright blue skies are still as picturesque and clear as ever. However, you won’t struggle with potential heat stroke all the time, making it much easier to actually enjoy the stunning surroundings.

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Casa El Dorada | Ibiza Villas | Haute Retreats

Casa El Dorada | Ibiza Villas | Haute Retreats

Exclusive Access

There’s something quite iconic about the bustling nature of a trip to Ibiza. However, with the destination at its very hottest during July and August, it’s often better to wait until September for a slightly quieter, more exclusive experience. That’s not to say that it’s silent – far from it – but you’ll actually be able to enjoy the experience more, whether that’s visiting the island’s breathtaking beaches, exploring the outdoors, or (of course) heading into town for the nightlife. Why battle through seemingly endless crowds when you could instead delay your trip by a few weeks and enjoy an entirely more luxurious experience?


San Agustin Exclusive | 6 BR | Ibiza Villas | Haute Retreats

San Agustin Exclusive | 6 BR | Ibiza Villas | Haute Retreats

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Amazing Activities

Just because the buzz has died down slightly doesn’t mean you’ll need to miss out, as a trip to Ibiza in September will still be jam-packed with all of the hottest activities and opportunities. Of course, it’s worth considering that a handful of destinations might close a little earlier. Nevertheless, most destinations will still be open all the time for visitors, which ensures you’ll still get to see and do everything you ever dreamed of during your next holiday to Ibiza.


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Final Thoughts

Planning any holiday is always exciting, and this is just as true for your trip to Ibiza. However, to get the most from your time away, it’s well worth considering which time of year might be best suited for you. Fortunately, a trip to Ibiza in September can offer a huge amount of potential – which may be why it’s becoming a more popular option overall. So, don’t miss out on the holiday of a lifetime; Ibiza in September could be just what you deserve!

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