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St. Barts: The Best jetsetter destination

Exploring the beauty of the world is a must-to-do activity before reaching the retirement age. It is great to experience traveling while you are physically and financially capable. Every single day must be filled with happy memories and unforgettable adventure. Stay in one of our St Barts villa rentals and enjoy a wonderful vacation.

If you are looking for a spot with jet-setting crowd, St. Barts is the name you are going to hear often. This place has many potentials in satisfying the tourists’ need for a worthy vacation. It is not applicable that people always think of work and daily appointments. There must be an allotted time for a vacation and pause from stressful schedules.

The Caribbean Island is associated with St. Barts as it captures the attention of many wealthy tourists. It deserves to be an international destination due to its appeal to people around the world. Even the Asians are convinced about the stunning look of St. Barts and its beaches. The real estates are also pleasing to the eyes because of their relevance to the heritage. Choosing this location will give you a memorable experience. With the outdoor activities and welcoming ambiance, there is a guarantee that you will fall in love with St. Barts. You will reach to the point of aiming for series of trips here.

Do you want to have an access to luxury even for a night? Luxury Villa Rentals in St. Barts will make you believe that there is a perfect place to relax and feel the freshness of nature. As you take a glance of the surroundings, your eyes will be satisfied with the mixing of colors and aesthetic views.

St Barthélemy, or St Barths as it is often called, is located in the Caribbean archipelago in the part often referred to as the lesser Antilles between St Maarten and Guadaloupe. Measuring only 9 sq. miles, this stunning island is surrounded by crystal clear waters and 16 white sandy beaches. St. Barths is renowned for its exclusivity and beautiful scenery and attracts a wealth of visitors looking for paradise.

One of the main activities is pure relaxation on one of the fabulous beaches. With average temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius, peaks of 35 degrees Celsius and rarely less than 20 degrees Celsius, this island is the perfect sun-filled destination. Those who wish to be more active can find plenty to do as well – the warm waters is perfect for diving, snorkeling, wind-surfing, sailing or deep-sea fishing.

A visit to Gustavia, the capital of St. Barths, is recommended – a picturesque town full of red-roofed buildings, chic boutiques and a yacht-filled harbor. The whole island oozes luxury – from the mega yachts bobbing in the water to the impeccable standards maintained by hoteliers and villas, it is no wonder people choose to return year after year.

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