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Looking for a posh and unwinding vacation? Why not renting a mansion in St Barts! This Caribbean island is magnificent and has some of the most beautiful mansions in the world. St Barts villa rentals have all sort of villas, whether you are alone or with your partner or friends or a large group — just name it; Haute Retreats got it all covered.

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Our villas in St Barts are designed with your comfort in mind, boasting top-of-the-line amenities such as private pools, fully-equipped kitchens, and breathtaking views of the island. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family vacation, our St Barts villas have something for everyone. Renting a villa in St Barts also means you’ll have access to all the island has to offer. From sun-soaked beaches to upscale restaurants, there’s never a dull moment on this paradise island. And with our expert concierge services, we’ll ensure your stay is as stress-free as possible, assisting with everything from airport transfers to restaurant reservations.

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Why St Barts with Haute Retreats? There are many reasons why you might choose a St Barts villa with Haute Retreats for your vacation. Here are some of the top reasons:

When it comes to a holiday plan, there are countless choices available. Nevertheless, if you want something truly exclusive and unforgettable then consider having a villa in St Barts for rent at the top of your list. It’s a tropical paradise in the Caribbean with beautiful beaches, vibrant culture and luxury lifestyle that can be better experienced by staying at any of the many St Barts villas.

One of its kind in the world are the vacation homes which are luxurious and well appointed. These residential areas offer seclusion, soothing climate, as well as stunning scenes of nature within the island. In St Barts you will find a villa that suits your needs when it comes to being just two of you or other cases such as traveling with friends or family. From tiny one-bedroom cottages to huge mansions housing several bedrooms and private pools, there is something for each person at St. Barts.

The world’s most luxurious and well-appointed vacation rentals are the villas in St Barts. With their seclusion, cosiness, and expansive views over natural beauty of the island itself; they are also perfect places for families, friends or romantic couples. For there is a villa in St Barts that will fit your purpose beyond your wildest dreams whether you are travelling with family & friends or just to have some alone time with your significant other. There is something for everyone in St Barts: from small one-bedroom villas to giant properties sprawling on several acres with private pools.

One of the main advantages of staying at a villa in St Barts is that it is more private and exclusive. Unlike hotels or resorts where guests have to share amenities and public spaces with other guests, a villa in St Barts is isolated from others. For example, just relaxing in your own private paradise, lying around the pool, cooking food in your own kitchenette without having to worry about anyone else. All these things are highly appreciated particularly by people who are very territorial and those who may want to spend time with their families.
Another reason for renting a villa in St Barts for vacation is because of the personalized attention. Most villas have a staff like chef, maid, concierge among others who will give individualized services to their clients. Everything including arranging transportations up-to booking for activities and excursions shan’t be a stressor since the staffs will handle all this on your behalf so that you can enjoy your stay. It’s this kind of service provision that makes staying at St Barts feel even more luxurious than ever before.

To conclude, if a person wants to have the most luxurious holiday, then renting a villa in St Barts is the best option. St Barts is an ideal place for individuals who like living in comfort due to its beautiful nature, lively customs and good things which are available there. Staying in so many villas found at St Barts therefore means it will be impossible not to get that one which meets all your desires and surpasses your anticipations. It is time to pack up your bags and brace yourself for an incomparable vacation in this warm paradise!

Planning your next vacation to St. Barts? We are delighted to assist you

St. Barts is one of the most known islands in the Caribbean. A destination famous for the glamorous lifestyle of beach clubs, yachts and luxury resorts and villas. Celebrities and luxury travellers love to visit St. Barts where they can relax and also do business.
Explorer Christopher Columbus was the first to put on the map this island in 1493, named it after his brother Bartholomeo. Nowadays, St. Barts is among the best destinations where to escape the cold winter season, where you can find that distinctly French flavour and in April the annual Regatta is held, an event where super yachts, sailing boats pack the harbour. The French influence and Swedish rule remain due to the governments this island had in the past. The several buildings in the capital Gustavia (named for King Gustav of Sweden) have Swedish architectural style. Gustavia is a harbor and nice town to visit. Here you can shop and choose between high fashion retailers like Gucci, Hermes, Longchamp, the excellent restaurants and also the interior design shops.
Book one Haute Retreats selection of Gustavia Villas and enjoy the beach and town life.

Sailing in the Caribbean

If you want to experience the ultimate St. Barts vacation you need to have a sailing adventure. Enjoy a sunset catamaran tour or half-day sail to the beach of Colombier, only accessible by boat or via a long hike. The beach of Colombier is lovely and quiet where you can snorkel.

Haute Retreats is ready to exceed your expectations organising your tours and excursions.

The Beaches

The perfect combination of the beaches in St. Barts is white sand and fantastic clear water. One of our favourites is Saline Beach, it’s like a private saltwater swimming pool and the setting around is beautiful.
St. Jean Beach is the opposite with luxury resorts and beach clubs like the iconic Hotel Eden Roc. Nikki Beach is the luxury beach club that keeps the party going all day and into the night. At the Nikki Beach you can join fashion shows, music performers and delicious food.

Things you should not miss when in St. Barts

When in St. Barts you shouldn’t not miss only the best beaches, but you can pamper yourself shopping in Gustavia, enjoy a great meal at one of the many fabulous restaurants and have a relaxing spa treatment. There are many beautiful spas in the island or we can also arrange a spa massage at your private villa. Excursions and water activities are so many to choose from.

Staying in one of our luxury villas in St. Barts

From stunning beachfront villas to a villa set on the beautiful hills of St. Barts you will always enjoy the most stunning sea views. Our selection villas include luxury facilities and amenities from a private pool to spa facilities within the villa.

Haute Retreats is delighted to assist you arranging a private chef, grocery shopping delivery (which we include in most of the villas we offer), transfers and more.

Beachfront Villas

The beachfront villas in St. Barts are located on Lorient Beach, Flamands, and Anse de Cayes and sleep from 4 to 16 guests. Beachfront villas are not many in the island and you should always book months in advance.

Enjoy your honeymoon in St. Barts

St. Barts is one of the world’s most amazing islands and we can only say that with this hillsides and private beaches it’s an ideal honeymoon destination. There are many of our villas that during a selected period of time offer a special rate renting 1 or 2 bedrooms and where you can enjoy a private and romantic vacation. Spend your time exploring the islands or having  lunch in romantic places or sailing for a romantic catamaran tour just for you.

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