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Best areas where to rent a luxury villa for rent

in Costa Smeralda
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May 10, 2019
The luxury rental villas in Sardinia are magnificent properties spread in one of the most beautiful Italy’s region.
Sardinia is also considered the island of longevity, from Porto Cervo to the megalithic ruins, town festivals that celebrate the glories of its past and the flavoured cuisine there’s no other fascinating culture like the one in this territory.

Costa Smeralda is all about crystal-clear turquoise water, pristine beaches, untouched nature and stunning architecture to luxurious hotels, wellness centers, designer boutiques, world-class restaurants and exciting nightlife. If you are looking for a luxury experience that will satisfy even the most demanding travel you that is where you should have your next holiday.

The best locations where to rent a luxury villa in Costa Smeralda are:

Porto Rafael

Located 40 km from Olbia right in front of the beautiful scenery of La Maddalena, Porto Rafael is a charming hamlet in Gallura, Costa Smeralda near Palau.
Archipelago Porto Rafael is still and one of the most secluded areas in Costa Smeralda.  This beautiful land was first encountered by a Spanish noble man, Raphael Neville of Berlanga, who felt in love with the Gallura granite rock of Gallura and he decided to found the small villa of Porto Rafael.
During the 60s this area had unpaved roads, no electric lights no phone lines, there was only an atmosphere of joyful freedom.
Porto Cervo
Porto Cervo is located on the South of Costa Smeralda boasting enchanting beaches from the Golfo del Pevero to Cala di Volpe including Punta Capriccioli.
Porto Cervo is also known as the heart of Costa Smeralda, is a true glamour destination where glamour, luxury and glossy nightlife meet gorgeous beaches and a spectacular emerald sea. It is considered being the place for luxury vacations in Sardinia, where there are luxury hotels and luxury villas are located. Porto Cervo Marina is also one of the biggest tourist ports of the Mediterranean Sea.
Porto Cervo boasts exclusive nightclubs like the Billionaire.

What also makes is a great destination for luxury holiday in the world are also: the Esmerald Bazar, Harrods’ temporary shop opened in June 2013 and designed by Gio Pagani inside the old harbor, Porto Cervo’s Wine & Food Festival, Rossana Orlandi’s design studio, exhibitions dedicated to Andy Wharol.

Baja Sardinia

Baja Sardinia is a famous and most requested tourist destination of Costa Smeralda, it is famous for being a relaxation and open to everyone who loves this particular area of Sardinia

It is part of the municipality of Arzachena, it is a small village where the sea is crystalline and limpid, the popular Gallura area.

The nature and the Mediterranean vegetation are uncontaminated in this destination during the summer months, also becomes the place of residence of many VIPs of the international jet set.

The historic resort the Club Esse Cala Bitta is located directly on the sea and luxury villas for rent are also great for your luxury holiday.

Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo was built in 1964 when a Luigi and Nicolò Dona dalle Rose, Venetians, part of a group of entrepreneurs saw an opportunity in this area and started with a small village with timeshare homes and residences. That is why the piazzetta is called Piazza San Marco and the architecture is very similar to the ones in Venice. Along with the magnificent residences, there are also numerous luxury and extra-luxury hotels. It is a 500 hectares land spread between the gulfs of Cugnana and Marinella with a well equipped port with 800 moorings for boat. There are a thousand residents in the winter time that becomes 30 thousand during the summer. This is where you can meet celebrities, business and fortune entrepreneurs, in Poltu Rutundu (in Gallura dialect).

Even though is technically not part of Costa Smeralda, it is considered part of it, and there is a sort of competition between Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo even though both are  unique and both have so much beauty you can’t wrong choosing one or the other.

THE O’ GAME OFFSHORE TROLLING 2019 will be held from July 12th to July 14th 2019 among other important events in Porto Rotondo. 

This is a deep-sea fishing sports event, among the most important and spectacular in the Mediterranean. The Porto Rotondo Yacht Club, officially established in 1985, has become one of the most important at national level, keeping a strong connection with the Yacht Club Italiano in Genoa.

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