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The Best Beaches in Ibiza to go with children

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July 3, 2020

Ibiza is a celebrated destination all over the world for its turquoise sea and beautiful beaches. Not all the beaches in Ibiza are suitable for young children, some beaches don’t have all the amenities like restaurants or a beach club, others are not safe and are difficult to reach.

Since children love spend their days on the beach, we selected the best beaches where you can relax and your kids can enjoy the sea. There are also nice villas near each beach and we mentioned some of them.

Take a look and get ready to discover all of them..if you need more details and maybe you heard of a beach and would like our opinion please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to share all our tips and hints.

Cala Llonga, Santa Eulalia

Cala Llonga is considered one of the best beaches in Ibiza where families can enjoy their days. It is large and has many facilities. Supermarkets, restaurants, souvenirs … It has wooden walkway, so you can take the cart and also has a playground and pedal boats. A sandy white beach surrounded by forest and  clear water perfect for a swim. Cala Llonga offers all the services you need from showers, umbrellas and hammocks and you can also choose from the many water sports this beach has to offer. Cala Llonga is also equipped for travellers with reduced mobility.

Villa near Cala Llonga

Villa Serena Vista, Ibiza

Villa Serena Vista | Ibiza Villas | Haute Retreats

Cala Jondal, San José

Located 12 km from Ibiza, Cala Jondal is a small beach (200mt and 15mt wide), perfect if you are looking to spend a relaxing day.

A very beautiful beach, surrounded by pines and jagged cliffs, popular with boat owners and a stylish crowd. One of the most up-market beaches on Ibiza, with a fabulous selection of beach restaurants serving tasteful food. This beach is overlooked by a few exquisitely architected villas up on the surrounding green hills. There are great beach clubs like the “Blue Marlin”.


Villa Near Cala Jondal

Villa Vista Mar

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Cala Bassa, San José

Cala Bassa is considered the best beach for children, ideal for picnics and family days out. This beach boasts some of the clearest, cleanest water you’ll ever see in the beaches in Ibiza and the softest golden sand- with its large rock formations on either side of the beach with plenty of trees around the beach that provide shade for those sensitive to sun.

Cala Bassa boasts some of the clearest, cleanest water you’ll ever see in the beaches in Ibiza and the softest golden sand – it’s enough to make you think you’ve escaped the Med (not that you’d want to!) and made it to Thailand. Large rock formations on either side of the beach are a constant reminder however, of the rocky and rustic terrain of Ibiza and popular with dare devil rock jumpers, while plenty of trees around the beach provide shade for those sensitive to sun.

Villa Near Cala Bassa

Villa Amor Cala Bassa

Amor Cala Bassa | Ibiza Villa | Haute Retreats


Set on the north of the island, Portinax has it all! The turquoise sea water is warm for swimming in the summer, while the softly sloping beach makes it easy for little children to run into the sea. There are also great restaurants for enjoying lunch and plenty of space for the youngest ones to play and have fun.

Don’t miss the beautiful lighthouse of Portinax.

Cala Llenya

The perfect beach for little children to enter the water. You can have lunch at the one chiringuito on the beach. Enjoy a tasty paella in the restaurant of the market and then you can walk down to the beach to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the beach.

Villa Near Cala Llenya

Villa Veronica

Villa Veronica | Ibiza Villas | Haute Retreats


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