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April 19, 2022

Visiting the rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list.

The best way to experience the Italian countryside is by staying in a private villa, where you can embrace the quiet and peacefulness of this part of the world. Of course, you will want to do some exploration. Here is a suggested guide on how to make the most of your trip to Tuscany.

Il Parco del Principe Tuscany
Villa Vita Villas in Tuscany Haute Retreats

Day One: Arrive in an Italian Paradise 

Refresh after your travels in a private villa with light snacks and plenty of spaces to cozy up for a well-deserved nap. Walk the grounds of your villa and stretch your legs before the real fun begins. 

Day Two: Dig into a True Italian Meal 

You could go to amazing restaurants the entire time you’re in Tuscany—and you will certainly have your fill of curated Italian meals that you will never find in restaurants back home. But what if you learned how to prepare them? Take a private cooking class and see how to make pasta from scratch, or the fillings of ravioli. Enjoy your hard work at the end with a perfectly paired glass of chianti. 


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Day Three: See what the Neighborhood is Like 

Italian cities and towns all center around the main piazza, where you can find delectable food and bars, and quaint coffee shops. You can sit outside and people watch for hours as other tourists explore the town and locals go about their days. Italian cities are deeply rooted in history and you will feel the magic while being inside them. 


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Casa del Fattore | Tuscany Villas for rent | Haute Retreats
Casa del Fattore | Tuscany Villas for rent
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tuscany by Haute Retreats

Day Four: See the Famous Tuscany Wineries

Tuscany is the main wine-growing region of Italy. For more than 3,000 years, vines have been grown here and grapes have been aged into wine. You can find half-or full-day private wine tours that not only take you through the history of Italian wine but also let you sample your fair share. You can ask your host from the villa where they recommend going and where you can find a good lunch to take a breather. 

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Day Five: Take a Trip to Florence 

Florence is the capital city of Tuscany and is magnificent to see for yourself. You can easily take a train that will put you close to the main piazza. There is plenty to see in this medieval city. Some of the top attractions include the Duomo and Giotto’s Campanile, Palazzo Vecchio, and Uffizi Palace and Gallery. And be sure to walk across the bridge Ponte Vecchio to pick up a luxury souvenir. 


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Florence, Tuscany
Florence, Tuscany, Haute Retreats

Day Six: Revile in Your Finals Moments of Peace

A trip to Italy always seems too short, but you can take this time to reflect on how perfect your trip to Tuscany has been. Take one final walk on the grounds of the villa, with a glass of chianti in your hand, and start planning your next trip. 


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