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Tuscany Villas in Chianti

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July 31, 2022

There’s something truly quite stunning about the most breathtaking Tuscany villas, if you ask us. Indeed, with stunning views out over the most surreal and picturesque landscapes, coupled with often excellent weather and idyllic charm and surroundings, Tuscany villas have a lot to offer. However, to get the most from your choice of Tuscany villas in Chianti, it’s vital to choose one of the most stunning properties in the region. Fortunately, the following five Tuscany villas could be just what you need to make your trip to Tuscany that extra bit special.

Villa Tavernaccia tuscany by haute retreatsVilla Lisa

With eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms, sleeping up to a total of sixteen people per night, the stunning Villa Lisa is definitely one to consider. Located just 25 minutes from the very heart of Florence, it’s one of those iconic and magical properties that really offers something else. Plus, with views from over 1000 feet up, you’ll struggle to find anywhere quite as charming or serene – in fact, you’ll feel like you can see for miles.

Rate Upon Request Click Here to Book Villa Lisa 

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Villa Vitigliano Tuscany by Haute Retreats

Villa Vitigliano Tuscany By Haute Retreats

Villa Vitigliano

There’s something undeniably picturesque about the stunning Vitigliano property, with its authentic brick walls, loving décor, and stunning views out over the rolling hills of Tuscany. With nine bedrooms and ten bathrooms, it’s an ideal retreat for larger groups and is ideally located for travel both to Sienna and Florence. Contemporary meets classic with this truly unforgettable property.

Rate per night upon request click here to book this villa 

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Palladia | Tuscany Villas for rent | Haute Retreats

Palladia | Tuscany Villas for rent | Haute Retreats

Villa Palladia

It’s a little smaller than the other two properties, with five bedrooms and six bathrooms, but we’re confident this all adds to the breathtaking charm of the Palladia property. A perfectly blue swimming pool looks out over the tree-lined views of this stunning, authentic Chianti property; with sights of olive groves and vineyards all around, you’ll struggle to find any Tuscany villa that can provide a more genuinely Italian feel.

The rate per night is upon request click here to book Villa Palladia 

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Zietta | 9 BR | Tuscan Villa | Haute Retreats

Zietta | 9 BR | Tuscan Villa | Haute Retreats

Villa Zietta

With nine bedrooms and seven bathrooms, the Zietta Tuscany villa is an excellent property to consider if you’ve been looking to cater for a large number of guests. With truly exquisite design and décor, and located just 4km from Castellina, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most loved Tuscany villas in the region. What’s more, the breathtaking brick design really adds to the authenticity; you’ll feel like you’ve taken a step back in time with this relaxing and iconic retreat.

The rate per night is upon request click here and book Villa Zietta 

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Villa Pesa | 10 BR | Tuscany Villas for Rent | Haute Retreats

Villa Pesa | 10 BR | Tuscany Villas for Rent | Haute Retreats

Villa Pesa

Undoubtedly, Villa Pesa is one of the most stunning and magical Tuscany villas out there – if we may say so, at least. Villa Pesa has ten bedrooms and nine bathrooms, making it ideal for sleeping anywhere up to 20 guests at a time! Meanwhile, with excellent wine tasting opportunities located nearby – including a private SPA. 

The rate per night starts from $ USD 980 click here and book Villa Pesa 

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