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Haute Retreats is a world-class company, an independent rental site with a selection of the Best in the luxury villa rentals in unique destinations, with one goal: delivering outstanding service and memorable luxury experiences! Haute Retreats captures the very essence of the personal and exclusive travel experience by providing luxury villas to rent that guarantee a memorable vacation that meets the high standards of a +6 Star Hotel.

“When you book a villa rental, it iѕ not only the dеѕtinаtiоn itѕеlf, but we рridе оurѕеlvеѕ оn ѕеlесting оur locations fоr the соmрlеtе experience the villas hаvе to оffеr from the setting, villa manager, customer service, luxury facilities, and amenities.”

Reasons our Guests Love our Luxury Brand:

In an age of digital assistants, we believe that human touch matters and nothing can replace the experts;

Haute Retreats brings the heart of a luxury retreat. Much more than a simple luxury villa rentals platform, we offer unparalleled hospitality and pride ourselves on rising to meet every anticipated need for our luxury travellers. We may provide luxury accommodation for luxury stays and travel, but we are in the business of providing EXCELLENCE.

Our selected Haute Retreats is growing and it is fully vetted by hospitality and real estate experts and managed by on-site property managers and concierge managers. This way you don’t have to spend anytime researching options or worrying about anything.

Our unique luxury villa rentals service offers a premium value than our contemporaries as we’ll give you that exact home comfort you’ve always desired. We create also wonderful packages where we selected unique activities or tours in the different areas.

Best Luxury Villa Rental Company 2018 – LUX  LIFE MAGAZINE

Luxury Villa Rental Company of the Year – Italy – LTG EUROPE AWARDS 2019


 TOP LUX Hospitality Excellence Award – Italy 2019 – LUX LIFE MAGAZINE

TOP Luxury Villa Rentals and Accommodation Services Worldwide –  LUXURY LIFESTYLE AWARDS 2019




Piccinin Sabrina CEO and Founder

It is Nice To Meet You!

I spent my formative years in Italy in a town 30 minutes from Venice, that is where I embarked on a career travel industry in 1993s. “During the 30s, my grandmother was the manager of a luxury hotel in Paris and my grandfather the bellman. This was a grand place where both middle class and noble travelers chose to stay in this beautiful city. I was always excited to listen to my grandparents’ stories about their experiences while working there and all of the wonderful people they met. My grandmother was the queen of hospitality”. I started working for luxury hotels from my early age, I was 16 years old,  from the Italy Venice area, Liguria Cinque Terre, the Lake Iseo area to the USA I worked in all departments at the beginning and as the general manager at the top of my career for Hyatt. I am a FAA commercial pilot with 650 hours of flight hours built in the USA. After traveling the four corners of the world as a successful luxury hotels general manager and also property manager for mansions for rent in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, I decided to come back where I started my journey. I love the fact to live in between the Dolomites and the most beautiful city in the world: Venice.

I decided to strike out and create Haute Retreats (the Best luxury villa rentals) and Travel Luxury Villas (The official Blog), a hospitality/travel company that creates ultimate amazing Experiences in Italy and other wonderful destinations, giving our guests access to the most stunning properties and of course the ever “Dolce Vita” style not only in Italy but recreate the same hospitality atmosphere in each of property you stay. I am among the Clientele Luxury’s Hot 30 Luxury Agents 2019

Since its founding, our luxury brand has become part of Upscale Living Magazine, St. Barts Blogs, Punta Cana Luxury Lifestyle and Clientele Luxury Partner.

Haute Retreats caters to different traveler preferences. The collection of luxury villa rentals has an unforgettable experience for everyone, from the cultural explorer, to the trendsetter in search of the most popular destination. The collection also tailors to travelers in search of relaxation, a distinctly authentic experience, or those who enjoys coming back to the same experience. I  traveled around Europe, lived in USA and traveled USA from North to South, from East to West including Hawaii, lived in  Costa Rica, now I live in Italy.

Haute Retreats is deeply committed to making a difference. A dedication to service is crucial to its culture. As the company moves forward in the 21st century it will continue to provide an exemplary lifestyle experience for its guests.

We capture the very essence of the personal and exclusive travel experiences by providing luxury villas for rent that guarantee a memorable vacation that meets the high standards of a +6 Star Hotel.

“I believe that luxury is a state of mind and a lifestyle and this is reflected in our hearts”,

Sabrina Piccinin

What Makes A Location A Haute Retreat?

Haute Retreats helps to connect you with high-end villa rentals while remaining independent from any of the rental locations. We aim to provide a unique luxury travel experience for each client. One of the most common questions we get is what exactly makes a location a Haute Retreat? The answer to that question isn’t as simple as you might think it is. A lot goes into picking a Haute Retreat and we will give you some insight into the selection process.

The first thing that you need to know is that many of our criteria are quite similar to that of other selection systems. We obviously look for quality facilities to ensure that our customers have a good stay. We do more than that though. Our standards are stricter and we encompass a full collection of data.

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