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To our valued clients and partners,

Your peace of mind is valuable!

Haute Retreats is determined in its mission to keep on sharing the beauty of our destinations and to keep on telling inspiring stories through our villa rental experiences.

We do offer rates and policies in a selection of villas to provide further assistance and to book securely with Haute Retreats.


  • Holiday Insurance
    We highly recommend all our guests to acquire a holiday insurance as a way protection for any unforeseen circumstances. Haute Retreats collaborates with our insurance partner and we suggest our guests to purchase one of the coverage options offered for their upcoming trip. Even though we collaborate with owner and property managers that guarantee 100% refund.

For example, you will suffer a loss if:

  1. your flight has been cancelled and your villa rental payments are nonrefundable;
  2. you need to cancel your trip due to illness;
  3. a hurricane, volcano or earthquake occurs before your trip or while traveling and you are stranded;
  4. your airline or villa owner or manager files for bankruptcy;
  5. a terrorist incident occurs at your destination;
  6. you have a medical emergency in a foreign country and need medical attention or evacuation;
  7. your bags are lost and your medication is in them, and you need to have an emergency prescription filled;
  8. your passport and wallet are stolen, and you need emergency cash and a replacement passport;

You may enjoy more benefits the earlier you purchase. Any questions about what travel insurance does or does not cover should be addressed directly to the travel insurance company.

This first one listed compares policies from several different companies so is a good place to start.


Active Members Travel and Tourism organizations, firm, and companies which are actively involved in the travel business can become its active member. Travel agencies and Tour operators are the active members of the American Society of Travel Agent (ASTA).

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