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La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77

Super Yacht

Set out on the journey of a lifetime to places others can’t reach — exclusive adventures to share with friends and family in total comfort, style and safety.

Perhaps the moment you step out onto an ice floe, or watch a whale breaching meters away, or the view of turquoise-tinted coral reefs from your helicopter cockpit. It’s only for you to discover.

La Datcha 77 is a six-deck expedition yacht offering luxury accommodation for up to 12 guests.
Step out onto an ice floe or watch a whale breaching meters away or fly over the turquoise-tinted coral reefs from your private helicopter …the choices are endless.
Sea Explorer La Datcha
The yacht stands out with true purpose-built expedition capability and its unique La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77 design pedigree by top luxury yacht builder Amels and Damen. You will enjoy the most spectacular Arctic and Antarctic landscapes since there are installed Ice Class and IMO Polar Code engineering.
 25 crew members are ready to assist you in any way they can.
La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77 featured helicopter hangars, a dive center and decompression chamber, and carries a submersible, two wave runners and two snow scooters. It also features a modern garbage management system and also large fuel tanks and can cruise for up to 40 days.
La Datcha Sea Explorer

In general the super yachts leave 95% of all routes unexplored, Expedition Yacht 77 will go off the beaten track. Are you ready?

Bering Sea, Russian Far East, Alaska

Sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the panoramic splendour of Kamchatka from the upper — deck observation lounge with large windows.

Enjoy heliskiing in the pristine Chugach Mountains of Alaska.

Antarctica, Ross Sea

Deploy tenders within minutes so you don’t miss a chance encounter with a Humpback whale.

Take a stimulating trek among the penguins, followed by the warm comfort of a hammam or a sauna.

Northwest & Northeast Passage, Arctic Svalbard, Greenland

Experience polar kayaking.
Film your encounter with Arctic narwhals, beluga whales, walruses, and muskoxen.
La Datcha Sea Explorer Haute Retreats
La Datcha Sea Explorer Haute Retreats

Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu

With few roads, use powerful tenders to navigate up river. Explore the dances, attire and customs developed over 30,000 years.

Micronesia, Southeast Asia

Dive Earth’s greatest concentration of ocean biomass with beautiful waters, stunning reefs and atolls. By heading off the beaten track, you may well discover the next top dive spots before anyone else.

Explore the undersea paradise from a three-seat submersible.

Sea Explorer La Datcha Haute Retreats

On-board experience

The facilities and amenities are many on-board the Expedition Yacht: 2 hot water Jacuzzis — 1 indoor and 1 outdoor, a sauna & steam bath, massage room and a fully equipped gym all make for a true luxury resort experience.


Stay comfortable on board with the yacht’s active stabilization system. Its custom interior design features the finest luxury quality and modern style by Amels and Damen. Full height windows of the observation lounge, main saloon and the owner’s suite let you enjoy the stunning views, while the upper-deck observation deck creates an ideal spot for uninterrupted panoramas.

Spend a romantic tropical night on the sun deck, listening to the waves softly breaking over the reef. Or under the Arctic’s midnight sun, celebrate the day’s discoveries with a warm dip in the Jacuzzi.


The Tinkoff Collection chefs will treat you to a mix of international and local cuisines rich in exotic local flavours for adventurous eaters.

The yacht offers gourmet fine dining with a professional galley. The expedition’s chef will use both fresh local produce and vast on-board provisions to create a perfect menu based on local cuisines along the yacht’s journey and tailored to the tastes of guests.

If you have any special requests or preferences in your diet, just let us know.

Guest Suites

La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77 features six guest suites, including 2 master cabins and 2 vip suites. Each suite comes with a bathroom (a toilet and a shower or a tub) and a walk-in wardrobe.
Sea Explorer | La Datcha Haute Retreats
Sea Explorer | La Datcha | Haute Retreats
Sea Explorer La Datcha | Haute Retreats

La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77 can comfortably accomodate a company of 12 guests and can be chartered for one or more weeks at a weekly rate of 740.000 euro + 30% a.p.a.

September/October 2020 — West & East Mediterranean

An opportunity to spend your days off St Tropez between the islands facing Cannes or cruise further south and visit Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi together with the islands of Ponza and Capri after the summer holiday crowds have left. If you’re looking to cruise further East, you can enjoy the late summer sun in Greece with embarkation and disembarkation ports in either Sarande in Albania or Bodrum in Turkey.

December 2020/January/February/March 2021 — Seychelles/Madagascar/Maldives/South East Asia

Explore the gems of the Indian Ocean with full access to La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77’s myriad watersports toys, including full scuba diving equipment and a professional dive centre or discover the pristine diving spots and untouched beaches and islands of Thailand and Malaysia, the choice is all yours.

April 2021 — South Kamchatka

Russia’s most scenically dramatic region, the Kamchatka peninsula offers the intrepid explorer endless opportunities for discovery. Use La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77’s two custom B3 Eurocopter helicopters for heli-skiing or explore the rugged beauty of the South Kamchatka Sanctuary.

May 2021 — Kuril Islands

A chain of volcanic islands that rise out of the Sea of Okhotsk, stretching south-west from the tip of Kamchatka to Japan, the Kuril Islands deliver challenging heli-skiing for adventurous skiers.

June 2021 — North Kamchatka/Chukotka

Experience the primal beauty of Kamchatka, using La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77’s expert heli-skiingset-up to ski on the flanks of smoking volcanoes and past steaming vents to black stone beaches.

July/August 2021 — Alaska

On her way to Central America, LA DATCHA will stop in Alaska in July and August; a time when the sun refuses to set, salmon run upriver and wildlife viewing is at its prime.

September/October 2021 —
Central America

Explore the unique wonders of Central America from the comfort of La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77, unveil its underwater secrets with your own submarine and full scuba diving set-up. Central America has the highest concentration of nature-based experiences anywhere in the world. This is paradise for the diving aficionados.

December 2021/January 2022 — Antarctica

Join the select few who can claim to have been heli-skiing in Antarctica: with her reinforced ice-breaker hull and two custom B3 Eurocopter helicopters, La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77 is the perfect platform from which to experience heli-skiing in the White Continent.
*Please enquire on the rate

February 2022 — Central America

Explore the unique wonders of Central America from the comfort of La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77, unveil its underwater secrets with your own submarine and full scuba diving set-up. Central America has the highest concentration of nature-based experiences anywhere in the world. This is paradise for the diving aficionados.

April/May/June 2022 — Kamchatka/Kuril Islands/Chukotka

La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77 offers the opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s most challenging and ruggedly beautiful heli-skiingduring the best months of the Russian Far East winter season.

July/August/September/October 2022 — Papua New Guinea/Solomon Islands/Oceania

Delight in discovering this magical corner of Melanesia, complete with smouldering volcanoes, towering mountains and coral-fringedcastaway islands.

June/July/August 2023 — Patagonia

Patagonia’s pristine mountains remain largely undiscovered by heli-skiing operations, making your very own superyacht the ideal platform from which to experience virgin descents in the Andean wilderness.
La Datcha Expedition Yachts
La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77
  • Length overall 77  metres (252 ft)
  • Beam moulded 14  metres (46 ft)
  • Depth at side 6.50 metres (21 ft)
  • Draught (Max Full Load) 3.80  metres (13 ft)
  • Gross Tonnage 2,560  GT
  • Speed 14.5 knots
  • Helicopter take-off weight 4,000 kg
  • Helicopter D value 13  metres
  • Guests 12
  • Crew/expedition staff 25
2 helicopters
1 submersible
(3 pax)
1 vip tender/rescue boat
1 dive support tender
1 beach lander tender
4 waverunners
2 expedition ribs
2 snowscooters