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Make your wedding stand out from the crowd

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December 5, 2019

Getting married is a wonderful time, a celebration of you and your partner’s commitment to each other, and your wedding day should reflect that. Here is how you can make your wedding stand out from the crowd and be the wedding that all the guests aspire to!

1. Timing

A lot of people get married in spring and summer. Long warm days and good weather are usually the reason why – allowing people to erect marquees in the garden so crowds can be kept out of small private homes. But with modern amenities and large venues hiring out their facilities, there is no reason why you could not have a winter wedding instead. The only caveat to that would be to ascertain from your chosen venue what driving conditions will be like during the time you are planning for your wedding. If they have been snowed in for the last three years, you might want to rethink either the date or the venue!

A midweek wedding is also a great way to be memorable, and has the extra benefit of not clashing with other weekend ceremonies and events. Do give your guests plenty of notice, so they can book time off work and be there for you.

Speaking of planning, once your date and venue are set, put out feelers for all the specialist bookings that you will need. These include a hairdresser (for the whole party: bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as the parents of the couple and any other significant family members who will be in the photographs), your cake, the clothing (that dress!) and a photographer. And do get a professional wedding photographer – they will know to get snaps of events and objects that you would not even think of!

2. Music

The music of a wedding day is important, particularly during the reception. Why not opt for live band who will devote the whole night to your wedding, and who can tailor the music to your tastes? Many live bands are accustomed to travelling from venue to venue and they will have all the equipment they need, just requiring you to give them a stage to perform on and somewhere to plug in all their electrics! Choosing a local band means that they will be more prepared to stay to the very end, and they will not need to be provided with accommodation, something that can really add up when there are many band members! Choosing the right live band, who enjoy your favourite music and who sound great, is an excellent way to enhance the ambience and mood of your wedding, making it memorable for you and everyone else who attends the occasion.

3. Catering

The food for a large party can be a minefield! A good tip is to ensure you have a wide range of foods, especially if you are having a buffet meal, so everyone (vegans, coeliacs, diabetics, those on a diet and those not) can all enjoy a meal.

If it is a sit-down dinner, do not be shy to ask for dietary requirements, or even provide the menu so people can choose their main course when they send their acceptance of your invitation. This will help to ensure everyone is fed, and cut down on waste and expense.

Finally, make sure you enjoy the day! Put other people in charge of event management on the actual day so you can kick back and enjoy it all, even if you micromanage every moment of the planning. Your wedding is about you and your partner: make it memorable for all the right reasons!