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Rent the most beautiful luxury villas in the world

Haute Retreats is a world-class company, an independent rental site with a selection of the Best in the luxury villa rental market located in wonderful destinations, with one goal: delivering outstanding services and creating memorable luxury experiences! Haute Retreats is deeply committed to making a difference. A dedication to service is crucial to its culture. As the company moves forward in the 21st century it will continue to provide an exemplary lifestyle experience for our guests. We capture the very essence of the personal and exclusive travel experiences by providing luxury villas for rent that guarantee a memorable vacation that meets the high standards of a +5 Star Hotel. With unrivalled experience of luxury villas and resorts across the globe, we review and propose places and practices based on first-hand experience, consistently adding new gems to our vast collection of travel recommendations. We are keen on our mission of being the most preferred Luxury Travel Company in each segment we serve Luxury Rentals, Wedding Planning, Tours, Special Occasions arrangements for owners, guests and associates, offering Excellent service with Passion. We manage and work and develop Haute Retreats unique destinations. You are more than Welcome!

“When you book a villa rental, it iѕ not only the dеѕtinаtiоn itѕеlf, but we рridе оurѕеlvеѕ оn ѕеlесting оur locations fоr the соmрlеtе experience the villas hаvе to оffеr from the setting, villa manager, customer service, luxury facilities, and amenities.”


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