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Bali Villas – 4 Balinese Delicacies Your Chef Can Prepare You

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October 10, 2022

Is the thought of a cold, dark, grey, miserable winter bringing you down? If so, you need something to look forward to, like a vacation in Bali

Bali is one of the most stunning destinations on the planet. With its golden white sandy beaches, lush green palm trees, clear turquoise sea, clear blue skies, and hot sunshine, it’s about as close to paradise as you can get. 

Not only is Bali stunning to look at, it’s also a foodie’s heaven, with some of the finest food and drink in the entire world. 

When booking your Bali villas, for times when you don’t wish to venture out into one of the many amazing cafes, bars, and restaurants, how about asking your chef to whip something up for you instead? 

Haute Retreats selected 4 Balinese delicacies your Bali villas chef can prepare for you, which you simply must try during your stay. 

Babi Guling

If you’re staying in Bali, you simply must request Babi Guling from your chef. 

Babi Guling is an exquisite dish of a slow, spit-roasted pig seasoned and stuffed with herbs, spices, and vegetables, cooked slowly over open coals. 

The meat is crispy, juicy, moist, and tender. While this dish used to be commonplace at big celebrations and festivals, your Bali villas chef will more than happily whip this delicacy up for you and your party, though they will require notice in advance. 

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Satay, or Sate, is a simple dish, but don’t let that fool you, because it also happens to be an extremely delicious dish as well. 

Satay consists of a variety of marinated meats or seafoods, grilled or barbecued, and served with a spicy and flavoursome dipping sauce. 

Bali’s signature satay variety is known as Sate Lilit, and it consists of minced meat and/or seafood, and combined with fresh coconut, coconut milk, veggies, and spices. It is then cooked over an open flame and served with its own dipping sauce. 

There are also vegan and vegetarian options such as tofu, halloumi, etc. 

Bali food 2

Nasi Goreng

You simply cannot visit Bali, or anywhere else in Indonesia, and not enjoy Nasi Goreng. People hear Indonesia, and they instantly think of Nasi Goreng. 

Nasi Goreng is one of Indonesia’s signature dishes, taking on the form of a fried rice. 

Cooked rice is stir fried with a selection of meats, seafood such as prawns, vegetables, scrambled egg, soy sauce, seasonings, and spices.

The rice takes on an amazing depth of flavour when fried in this way, and is often served topped with sliced tomatoes, crispy fried shallots, shrimp crackers, and mixed pickles (acar). 

Bali food by Haute Retreats



Finally, we have Lawar, which is quite the controversial dish, in that people either love it or dislike it. 

Lawar is a dish which we strongly recommend you try during your Bali villas vacation however, as it is one of the most traditional dishes in all of Indonesia, and despite not sounding too pleasant, it actually tastes amazing. 

Lawar is made from a mixture of finely diced meats, spices, veggies, and grated coconut shavings. In some parts of Indonesia you will also find that animal blood is mixed with the meat and spices to give an added depth of flavour to the dish. 

This is a dish which your chef will prepare to order, and serve immediately as the dish does not keep.

For any vegans or vegetarians in your party, if you request white Lawar, it will be prepared without meat or animal blood. Red Lawar contains the meat, and sometimes the blood, depending on the recipe. 

balinese food by Haute Retreats


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