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Private Jet Service

A luxurious and comfortable way to travel is by private jet. At Haute Retreats, we have great experience of arranging the entire private jet flight process, from start to finish. It is our aim to deliver a world-class, fully managed private jet concierge everywhere our guests need to go, including bookings, flights, and transfers from the airport to the destination. Our service is tailored to each individual or group, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Luxury villa rental company Haute Retreats, a world-class company, an independent rental site with a selection of the Best in the luxury villa rental market located in wonderful destinations, with one goal: delivering outstanding services and creating memorable luxury experiences! Haute Retreats is deeply committed to making a difference. A dedication to service is crucial to its culture. As the company moves forward in the 21st century it will continue to provide an exemplary lifestyle experience for their guests. Haute Retreats announced the partnership with ONEflight International since there is an increase in demand for private jets as consumers seek to avoid COVID-19 exposure. ONEflight International is an ultra-luxury jet provider with the world’s largest network of business jets easily accessible through their proprietary app

The (Book-A-Jet) BAJ app provides instant online access at your fingertips to 12,000 private aircraft globally.

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Working with partner ONEflight International, guests can book private jets for parties of any size—from light jets (six to seven passengers) to mid-sized jets (up to nine passengers) to large cabin (up to 15 passengers) and more.

What is included in airport concierge and private jet concierge services?

Private flights have many advantages over public flights. Our airport concierge service includes fast-track check-in, assistance with luggage, a personal escort to the gate, and private lounge access if needed.

Since airports are often crowded and stressful for many people, the airport concierge ensures a smooth transfer from the terminal to the aircraft. Guests can relax in a high-end lounge and enjoy a range of luxury food and drink while waiting to board.


The private jet concierge can also include enhanced in-flight food and drink offers, plus many more bespoke considerations, such as choice of music, reading material, and personal entertainment. These are just some reasons why many business people, chief executives, and VIPs use private jets as part of their luxury lifestyle.

Credits: ONEflight International

Do you only provide concierge services or you can also provide a private jet?

We provide private jets and handle the detailed management of the entire process. This includes sourcing an experienced pilot, helping the client select a suitable aircraft, and completing all necessary paperwork and clearance ready for the flight. We are also able to provide all the associated concierge, including airport transfers by road, luggage assistance, and any other personal requests.

What is a private jet concierge service for?

Private jet concierge is used to ensuring clients get the most luxurious and comfortable flight as they can. This is not possible on public flights, which are often busy, loud, cramped for space, and stressful. Our concierge is designed to handle everything from the first call to the moment the client arrives home. Airport concierge is also included in our flexible packages and guarantees stress-free travel and transport to the destination in style and complete comfort.

Who are the main clients of the private jet concierge service?

Our private jet concierge service is designed for anyone who wishes to have a truly luxurious, comfortable flight with all the advantages that this brings. Although our client base is varied, typical clients include business people, high-net-worth individuals, and company CEOs and directors. Other clients include musicians, academics, and VIPs. Whatever the occasion, at Haute Retreats, we ensure our clients receive first-class service, excellent communication, and amazing experiences. Besides private jet and airport concierge, we are also able to provide a “full service” concierge service, including limo services, airport transfer, and property management. This enables us to fully manage client lifestyle profiles, increase their level of free time, and increase the enjoyment of travel and business matters.

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