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August 13, 2020

If you’ve ever wanted a private villa or a resort villa to yourself where to relax and stay in an ideal getaway, you should start planning today. In the time of social distancing, high-end luxury villas and travel companies are offering pampered privacy.

What makes vacationing in villas a popular and more private way to travel amid the coronavirus is in fact that they provide more space and privacy, so you can safely stay and enjoy the space available to sprawl out.
Haute Retreats selects the most spectacular luxury rentals where to stay and equipped with ultra-luxe amenities and facilities including large pools, tennis courts, spa rooms and all of them come with a professional team, so there’s not reason to leave your ideal getaway.

The sense of privacy will be paramount, especially when it comes to travel in a post-covid world.

Fregate Island Private

Fregate Island Private | The Banyan Hill Estate | Haute Retreats

There are so many beautiful locations to book for a quiet vacation with loved ones, travellers already started to secure theirs.
When you book a private mansion for rent you want to make sure it comes with the latest cleaning protocols. This will be mandatory also even into 2021.
The increased demand for private getaway, also means there will be a limited occupancy, however ultra-luxe villas will focus to the extensive, cleaning and social distancing protocols. To entice people to book and start traveling again, Haute Retreats is offering VIP services like grocery shopping delivery upon arrival to most of the villas offered so guests won’t need to go to the store when they arrive, and other special limited-time offers, your personal concierge service will be in touch with you two weeks prior your arrival so to facilitate your check in.

One of the many protocols that our villa teams are focused right now is on hygiene and cleanliness. The professional staff working in each villa have become accustomed to carrying hand sanitiser and wearing a mask wherever they go, washing their hands frequently. Each villa will be sanitised as soon as guests leave from the mattresses to the pillows and everything that is in the villa.

If you are looking to book your first post-Covid getaway, or you are planning you next holiday gatherings Haute Retreats rounded up exclusive villas and group retreats around the world where privacy. seclusion and all the space you need are guaranteed. “Hyper-personalisation” is what is all about right now. In fact, in a post-COVID-19 travel world vacations will probably be more high-end than ever and we know many countries are beginning to emerge from lockdown and many travellers are eager to travel once again.

Villa Hawksbill | Turks and Caicos Villas | Haute Retreats

Haute Retreats believes that right now there is a much-needed break, but we also believe a high number of travellers will seek out less crowded trips where there will be privacy, calm and tranquility. We predict that privacy is going to be the trend as a result of this pandemic and the travel luxury industry will pick up once again.


Chalet Silver Surfer | Verbier Chalets | Haute Retreats

After all Sabrina states ” We will design live-enriching experiences based on values, contributing to this amazing world where there is so much still to explore and live.”

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