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September 14, 2017

5 Tips For Finding Your Luxury Villa Rental for Your Vacation In Costa Rica

Last updated on March 27th, 2018 at 11:13 am

A Luxury Villa Rental is a great way to enjoy your vacation in Costa Rica on your time and in an environment that feels like home. During my 4 years in Costa Rica, I served and helped owners and clients to create great and memorable experiences.
Keep Reading for five great tips on how to find the perfect Costa Rican villa rental.
1. Remember that a luxury villa is a luxury retreat. Yes, You’ll rent a high-end villa in Costa Rica. Don’t feel overwhelmed! There are stunning luxury villas for rent in Costa Rica. The first thing you should consider is when you would like to travel. Costa Rica is a small country but it experiences a real change of the scenery and things to do, depending when you would like to go.
2. Pick a size. Costa Rican villa rentals tend to fit into one of two types: large, luxury homes designed for multiple families or big groups; and more luxury apt/condos that are great for single families. Larger homes are best if shared between families and both styles offer that convenience of kitchen facilities and the privacy that out-of-hotel accommodations provide. Please keep in mind that Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations for a family reunion and there’s a small number of large retreat is the best locations.
3. Working with a professional rental agent. You may get a better service by renting a property directly from a professional agency that is based in Costa Rica or connected with a Costa Rica agency. Owners also rely to a professional agent to take care of their guests. A luxury villa rentals expert will provide services like an English-speaking agent locally, a higher level of transaction security, transporations, grocery shopping services, private chef services. 
4. Know that you want and ask,ask,ask. If you have kids or pets, make sure the villa is kids friendly meaning there aren’t many staircases around, the beach nearby doesn’t have sharp rocks. If you want to spend your time in Costa Rica enjoying home-cooked meals on the veranda, a large fully equipped kitchen makes it even better. If you want to be close to a hospital or a small town, rather than to be staying in a very remote area, double check and make sure that’s a priority in your wishing list.
5. Trust word-of-mouth. Try review sites, your own friends who travelled in Costa Rica before, or even asking the rental agent for the contact information of past guests. This is a great way to find out the real pros and cons of a luxury villa. We like to send guides and real contact names of past clients and people who live and work as our partners in Costa Rica.
Finding the perfect Costa Rica Luxury Villa Rental for you next vacation is easy, as long as you know your vision. With some research and work you can find a great villa for your stay in Beautiful Costa Rica.
We’re happy to schedule a phone call and share with you our guests experiences.
Knowing for example where you’re planning to land San José or Liberia it’s a great way to start your planning!!!
Pura Vida!!

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