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the 7 most extreme spots and the ultimate Heli-Ski Safari
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May 22, 2020

Heli-skiing is the ultimate adventure for the powder-hungry skier or boarder searching for the best spot where to carve tracks in soft snow. The freedom to just leave the lifts and crowds far behind and enjoy the silence of the snow-white valleys.

It is right when the sound of the rotors fades as the helicopter lifts away that you breathe that moment and you keep that breath until you realise it is time to plunge into paradise. Your heart beats faster like the noise of the helicopter that brought you here!
Heli Ski | Haute Retreats
Like all travel luxuries, choosing this kind of adventures there are many things to take in consideration including the bad-weather days, so you always have to hire a trust professional that can manage to give some flexibility to your plans. Powder of course is the priority, we know exactly how the snow has to be like and how it has to feel. Warren Miller once said:  “If you don’t go this year, you will be one year older when you do.”
Adding a helicopter trip to flying down a black route will increase your adrenaline especially if you choose to being dropped on a 11,388ft slope, miles away from civilisation.
We selected 7 of the best heli-ski spots in the world where you can the most extreme heliskiing:

1. Alaska

Alaska is the setting for many extreme ski movies. The Chugach Mountains that surround Valdez receive an annual average of nearly 700 inches (17.7 meters) of snow. What is amazing about this scenery are the big mountains, big lines, steep and deep, the location gives the best climate for the best snow, in fact it is located near the coast and this means the snow moist providing more stability for skiers on steep slopes.
Heliskiing |Haute Retreats

Heliskiing | Credits by Haute Retreats

2. Canada

Canadian heliskiing experience is spectacular. Access the most remote terrain and thrill, foremost the unbeatable powder. Head down the mountain carving fresh tracks, disembarking in a whirl of snow, the helicopter lifts off, leaving you to take in your surroundings.
The best days are when good visibility and stable snowpack underfoot, we take to the open snowfields. It’s a different style – free riding so our neat turns hug each other, respecting the other group’s desire for fresh snow. At the heli drop-off or pick-up points, the vast views across the Monashees and Selkirks mountain ranges serve to remind us of how lucky we are to be here for more reasons than just fresh tracks.

Heliskiing | Haute Retreats

3. Italy

Each and every heli skiing itinerary in Courmayeur is unquestionably one of the best descents in Italy and even Europe. Mont Blanc under the tips of your skis, only 30 minutes from Chamonix!

Heliskiing Italy – here are the best spots: Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy that offer unparalleled variety of heli skiing options. What the Alps have to offer and especially in Italy

Many of our customers compare our spots with those in Canada and are always surprised by what the Alps have to offer and especially in Italy. No jet lag, differences in altitude up to 2400 m, descents for all levels of skiing, the most beautiful Alpine landscapes of the Alps and of course lots of powder. Let us show you the most beautiful regions of heliski in the Alps.

4. Russia – Kamchatka

Why: Untamed, raw, wild and like nowhere you’ve skied before.
If you are looking for a wild spot where you feel you have never been before the Kamchatka is your place. The vast Kamchatka Peninsula in the far east of Russia between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea is home to 200 volcanoes — 29 of which are active. But geomorphology isn’t why people come here. It’s to ride big Russian choppers up smoking summits and hurtle down volcanic faces, couloirs, open bowls and tree runs until they end up on the beach. The capital, Petropavlovsk, is the base, but the UNESCO World Heritage back-country is the playground. With a highest landing zone at 11,388 feet, some descents can nudge 9,840 feet.

5. Japan – Hokkaido

This ski destination combines cold smoke, skiing in Japan and it is considered one of the most charming ski spots in the world. The northern island of Hokkaido receives up to 60 feet of snow annually, and during the winter Siberian storms bring a good quantity of snow. Heli skiing will give you the opportunity to ski on inactive volcanoes and through perfectly spaced birch trees in powder so deep that a snorkel would come in handy. Niseko has become a great ski destination where you can also choose to relax in the hot springs.

6. Switzerland – Zermatt

Heli-skiing in Europe is a slightly different game, depending on how the snow conditions are. Ski lovers enjoy the big descents amid alpine giants admiring the majestic Matterhorn views. Air Zermatt lifts passengers above the roofs of the picturesque old town for a quick buzz of the Matterhorn before settling the skids near the summit of western Europe’s second highest mountain, the Monte Rosa (15,200 feet). Surrounded by other 13,000-foot giants such as the Lyskamm and Breithorn, the vast Gorner Glacier stretches out below 8,200 feet of slopes — via a pit stop at the glimmering aluminum Monte Rosa hut at 9,458 feet. Other favorite drops are on the Alphubel, the Aeschhorn in the shadow of the mighty Weisshorn or the Testa Grigia on the border with Italy. Or the chopper can be used as an aerial elevator up the big slogs of the famous Haute Route from Zermatt-Chamonix, saving legs for the many stunning descents.

Heliskiing | Haute Retreats

7. Himachal Pradesh, India

Close to the border with Tibet, Manali is adorned with Buddhist flags, and it is also known as the Valley of the Gods. Temperatures in Delhi can get closer to 50 degrees but the hill station of Manali is just one hour flight north.
Manali sits above the town at 16,40ft and we ensure you’ll get a truly spiritual experience as the region boasts everything from knife-blade ridges to steep summits and forests of birch, oak and cedar. You will be able to gaze across to the 21,000ft peaks of the Himalayas. This is a true hidden kingdom at the end of the world.
Antartica also offers new beautiful and immersive itineraries for ski passionate.
Here Haute Retreats we believe that extreme adventures and experiences that will give you some adrenaline will be a great cure after Covid 19.
Anyone who’s taken to the skies to go heli-skiing knows how exhilarating it can be. It’s the ultimate ski day, with a helicopter drop off on a wild mountain slope that is otherwise unreachable, followed by a descent through untrammeled powder. While solid intermediates can handle some of the runs, heli-skiing is marked by runs that are  often very long, very challenging and very steep. At the end of the descent, you get picked up by a helicopter to do it again — and again.
One of the beautiful ski safaris we create to our guests is probably this 12 day cross-border that includes Italy, Switzerland and France.
The itinerary takes you in some of the most iconic resorts in the Swiss Alps, from St. Moritz to Cervinia in Italy.
Accommodations include stays in five star accommodations that includes Chalets in Zermatt and Luxury Hotels in Verbier.

Guests will have everything included from the helicopter transfers to the special gears they need and of course ski passes, ski guides, and also great food. You will enjoy heli skiing in the Monterosa and you will experience off piste from the Matterhorn glacier as well as Schwarzsee areas. Guests will depart from Courmayeur and will end in Geneva. The transfers will be mainly by helicopter including the ski resort of Verbier.

The price starts EUR 27,000 per person.





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