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South Asian Weddings

It’s so fascinating and there are so many details to a wedding, let alone a South Asian (SA) wedding, that it is understandably confusing to even know where to begin.

That’s why Haute Retreats chose to partner with one of the best South Asian wedding planners, Chetali Shah, a certified wedding planner, with expertise in creating luxury South Asian wedding experiences, regardless of whether your event has 50 people or 1500 and whether it’s in your backyard or the top of the World Trade Center or in one of the most spectacular towns by Lake Como.

Even if you’ve attended a ceremony in the past, consider that with upward of 30 distinct cultures within the continent, no two Indian weddings will be exactly the same.

For all South Asian cultures and religions wedding celebrations are very over-the-top.

From the decorations to the ceremony rituals to the costumes of the bride and groom, South Asian weddings are sure to impress every guest that attends. This is because the wedding is one of the most important and extensive personal sacraments in South Asian nationalities and families attach a great deal of importance to marriage. Most families put in many hours of effort and financial resources to make the celebration of the bride and groom’s wedding come to life. Weddings in South Asian cultures and religions vary depending on the desires and the religious values of the bride and groom. South Asian weddings usually last four days due to the immense amount of traditions and rituals that the bridal party needs to complete for the bride and groom’s bonding to be religiously permitted. It would be an understatement if we said that South Asian weddings are just like other weddings. The combination of extensive rituals, glamorous decor and authentic entertainment all create the spectacular celebration that is a South Asian Wedding.

Through over ten years of experience planning weddings, Wedding Elegance NYC has grown into a team of creative, efficient, passionate and diverse professionals that not only reflects the strengths of our work ethic, but also displays the variety of weddings we are able to take on. Time and time again, our team has come together to create exquisite events in immaculate detail that left indelible memories in the minds of guests and hosts alike.

Priorities. What is important to each of you as individuals? Both of you as a couple? Is it where you want to get married? Is it incorporating certain traditions into your ceremony or events? Is it getting rid of certain traditions? Get on the same page so that when parents and vendors get involved you can approach wedding as a unified front.

Wedding Elegance by Chetali Shah is now a Destination Wedding Planner for her clients and we are honoured to be a partner in finding the best locations of them worldwide including Italy, Caribbean, France…Greece you name it.


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South Asian Wedding
South Asian Weddings
south asian weddings
South Asian Wedding
Event at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo Lake Como, Photo Credit