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The Top 9+ Tulum Villas With Private Chef Services

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February 12, 2024

Last updated on April 1st, 2024 at 06:01 pm

Rent a Tulum villa with a private chef, where you’ll enjoy 5-star dining throughout your vacation. Sit back and relax as delicious meals are prepared for you and your guests using the freshest local ingredients. Our luxury villas to rent in Tulum have impeccable features to give you the experience of a lifetime.

Just imagine the luxury of enjoying breakfast outside your room in the morning or dinner. Having a private chef prepare your meals while on vacation will make your stay even better and your vacation more relaxing. At Haute Retreats, we have carefully curated the best villas and vacation rentals in Tulum to offer you the chance to experience the vacation of a lifetime!

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Villa La Semilla

At Villa la Semilla, we cherish seeds as symbols of growth and simplicity. They transform into something extraordinary yet elegantly straightforward before our very eyes. Our ethos revolves around embracing the beauty of simplicity and finding joy in life’s simple pleasures. We honor all living beings and appreciate the serene splendor of nature. We invite our guests to embrace a slower pace of life, where tranquil moments spent in nature offer a reprieve from the hectic, fast-paced world. It’s a chance to reconnect with the earth, with one another, and with oneself.


Tulum Villas by Haute Retreats
semilla tulum villas by haute retreats
Villa La Semilla Tulum by Haute Retreats
Tulum Villas by Haute Retreats


Indulge in the opulence of our six spacious bedrooms, each meticulously designed and furnished with top-tier materials to guarantee absolute comfort and relaxation. The villa seamlessly combines contemporary and traditional elements, integrating modern amenities with timeless architectural features. Every bedroom boasts an en-suite bathroom, a Bluetooth speaker, plush bathrobes, a hair dryer, and premium shower amenities. Additionally, you’ll find a dedicated workspace with a floating desk and chair, excluding the double queen suites.

Designed to captivate and enchant, our tropical fish tank adds an unmatched allure to your stay. This expertly crafted display effortlessly blends artistry and nature, creating a mesmerizing visual symphony that perfectly complements the opulent ambiance of our rental. The tank’s meticulously maintained conditions ensure the health and happiness of its underwater inhabitants, offering an authentic glimpse into the wonders of the aquatic realm.


Villa TuluMar Tulum Mexico
villa tulumar | Tulum villas | Haute Retreats
villa tulumar | tulum villas | Haute Retreats

Kati Kaan

The 3-bedroom villa was built for guests to relish the landscape. Not only does it have a 100-meter private beachfront in a vibrant nature reserve, but it blends in with its surroundings. The open-plan living spaces fuse into the spectacular deck and pool, where the beach and its coco palms become part of the architecture. A 2.5-acre estate embraces the house, itself tucked between the Caribbean Sea and the beautiful Campechén Lagoon.


kati kaan tulum villa by Haute Retreats
kati kaan tulum villa by Haute Retreats
Casa Kati Kaan | Tulum Villas | Haute Retreats


Villa Amaite was designed like a stylish seaside bungalow, combining clean lines and local materials to create indoor living spaces that make you feel connected to the tropical setting. Outside, the pool and terrace melt into the white sands of the bay and invite family reunions in the palm-tree-covered backyard.




amaite tulum by Haute Retreats
amaite tulu villa by Haute Retreats
amaite tulum villas by haute retreats

La Semilla

Located between the lush, green mangrove jungle and the secluded beach of Soliman Bay, Villa la Semilla has been created for living harmoniously with nature and guests can savor a unique experience with the support and service that is synonymous with the La Semilla.

Daily chef service included: breakfast, lunch and dinner (groceries not included).



semilla tulum
semilla tulum villas by haute retreats
Tulum Villas by Haute Retreats

Villa Mariola

Villa Mariola is a luxury villa nestled in the tranquil Soliman Bay, a 5 bedroom beachfront villa that has everything you dreamed when you pictures the perfect Caribbean vacation. A spectacular home where to enjoy blissful days in one of the most secluded places in the Riviera Maya.



Villa Mariola | Mexico Villas | Riviera Maya | Haute Retreats
Villas in Mexico with Private Chef
Casa Mariola Tulum

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Casa Azumaya

Immerse yourself in the essence of coastal luxury at Azumaya Beach House, where every detail has been carefully curated to enhance your tropical retreat. From its inviting terraces adorned with charming wooden coverings to the serene hammocks swaying gently by the beachside, and not to forget the pristine pool gracefully cascading into a jacuzzi right beside the expansive open-plan living room – this beachfront haven embodies the epitome of relaxation and indulgence.

As the sun sets, Azumaya Beach House offers you the unique opportunity to connect with the stars above, creating an enchanting ambiance that is simply unparalleled. For those seeking adventure, the property provides kayaks and paddleboards to glide gracefully over the shallow reef, providing a truly immersive experience with nature. But above all, it’s a place to unwind, to let go of your worries, and to embrace the tranquil rhythm of the ocean.

The meticulously designed space spans across three levels, offering a total of six bedrooms. Three of these luxurious sleeping quarters provide breathtaking ocean views, while the other three are thoughtfully positioned to capture the allure of the jungle and the mesmerizing sunset. With comfortable accommodations for up to 12 guests or the flexibility to accommodate up to 14 individuals for families with children, Azumaya Beach House is an ideal haven for those seeking an unforgettable coastal escape in Tulum.



Azumaya | Tulum Villas | Haute Retreats
Azumaya Tulum Villa by Haute Retreats
Villa Azumaya Tulum Villa by Haute Retreats
Tulum Villas by Haute Retreats

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Hacienda Caracol

Hacienda Caracol is an expansive 10-bedroom, 11-bathroom villa, shaped by architecture that combines Spanish and Mexican design, with high ceilings, marble floors, and rich handcrafted furniture located on Soliman Bay.



Hacienda Caracol | tulum villas Haute Retreats
Haute Retreats Hacienda Caracol Tulum
Hacienda Caracol Haute Retreats Tulum


Villa Lol-Beh is an impressive 12-bedroom, 13-bathroom villa located in Tulum, offering incredible ocean and jungle views, and comes with a full-service staff available 24/7. Lol-Beh’s architecture is a mix of Spanish and Mexican design, with high ceilings, marble floors, and rich handcrafted furniture.
There are six bedrooms located inside Villa Lol-Beh, including a master suite with a Jacuzzi and views of Soliman Bay.


Villa Lol Beh Tulum Villa by Haute Retreats
Villa Lol Beh Tulum villas by haute retreats
Villa Lol Beh Tulum Villa by Haute Retreats

Casa Ixchel

Casa Ixchel is a wonderful villa located between the Caribbean Sea and the lush jungle of Tulum, a truly impressive and breathtaking estate.

With 6 spacious suites, the villa boasts a pool, Jacuzzi, gym, massage area, spacious indoor & outdoor lounges, state-of-the-art kitchen, TV room and perfectly manicured garden, as well as a thatch-roofed dining and lounge area right on the white sand shores of Tulum, Mexico.


Casa Ixchel | Mexico Villas | Haute Retreats
Casa Ixchel
Casa Ixchel Tulum

Contact Haute Retreats or email your Trip Designer to start planning winter vacations for this year and the future. Beloved destinations like the ones listed here are booking up quickly, due to increased re-booking policies. Our team can match you with the accommodations and activities that are right for you and provide information on coronavirus travel safety, destinations that are open to travel, Covid-19 hotel policies, transportation options, private villas and charters and more.

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