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7 Best Beaches in Mykonos

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March 30, 2022

Last updated on October 15th, 2022 at 10:28 am

The island’s name is derived from Ancient Greek (Myconos), which means “foggy”. The word (Mykes) was also used by Homer in the Iliad to describe a wine-dark sea and can be found in Linear B tablets as (mikamios).

Modern-day Mykonos is now the go-to island for summer travel. The island has a great combination of classic and modern culture, with ancient ruins and world-class resorts. On one end of the spectrum, it fronts beautiful beaches and vibrant cafe culture with world-renowned chefs on the other. Mykonos is just about 3 hours by ferry from Athens, making it an ideal place for romantic getaways or family holidays. 

The 7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Mykonos by Haute Retreats

There are many beautiful beaches in Mykonos, but these are the 7 most beautiful beaches in Mykonos that’ll you want to visit while on vacation. 

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Ornos Beach

Ornos Beach is a beautiful beach in Mykonos. It is located in the south of the island and it has a length of about 1,000 meters. The beach has very fine white sand and crystal clear waters.

The beach was created by natural erosion and it offers amazing views to the visitors. The seawater is usually calm, so it is perfect for swimming. The beach offers many facilities such as umbrellas, sunbeds, and showers. There are also some restaurants nearby offering delicious food options for all tastes.

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Agios Ioannis Beach

Agios Ioannis Beach is a very well-known culinary village with delicious seafood restaurants and plenty of activities for all ages. Agios Ioannis Beach is a hidden gem on the northwest coast of Mykonos. Offering white sand and crystal blue water, the beach is a great spot for families with children. The restaurants in the Culinary Village have delicious seafood and other Greek dishes, perfect for an afternoon lunch or dinner.

best beaches in mykonos


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Elia Beach

Elia Beach is one of the best beaches in Mykonos and offers a scenic view of Mount Pallas and a white sandy shoreline with lush palm trees and blue waters. It’s also one of the only nudist’s beaches on Mykonos Island.


Perivola Beach

Perivola Beach is located on the northern side of the island and it’s a 10-minute walk from Ornos Beach. The beach has white sand and is organized with sunshades, umbrellas, and chairs. It’s one of the best beaches in Mykonos for swimming because it’s shallow and has low waves.


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Kalafatis Beach

Kalafatis Beach is a popular beach on the southeast end of Mykonos. It’s located at the end of a dirt road and there are few restaurants along with it. The water is calmer here and there are relatively few people. 

Sostis Beach

Sostis Beach is a popular beach in Mykonos, Greece. It’s known for its relatively shallow water and its proximity to the town of Mykonos. The sand is said to be the finest in all of Greece. 

Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach is a beautiful beach in Mykonos, Greece. It offers crystal clear water, white sand, and an amazing view of the sunset. Panormos Beach is also arguably the most popular beach in Mykonos. The sand is white, the water is crystal clear and it has an unobstructed view of the sunset. This beautiful beach is located on the west coast of Mykonos Island. 

best beaches in mykonos

Mykonos is a beautiful island in the Aegean Sea which is characterized by its rich, colorful culture and traditions. The Mykonos coastline is playful and inviting with countless beaches, coves, and bays to explore. You’ll always have a beautiful time in Mykonos

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