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March 14, 2017

A land of exceptionally suave architecture and which has become an integral part of its picturesque landscape and its far exceeding majestic history, France is the epitome of sophistication. Beautiful museums like the Louvre, its intricate infrastructure, historical palaces like the stunning Versailles, the monumental Eiffel tower and the staggering natural beauty of the country earns it this epithet. France is a destination that can make you feel like a true royalty without the royal status! What enhances that experience is residing in a luxury villa which is built with the essence of the country’s sophistication and beauty to satisfy one’s desire for the ultimate vacation in France. These villas are in the optimum location to make one’s access easy to the best the country has to offer! Who said traveling isn’t for the ones seeking luxury?

The prominent French Riviera cities lie on the coast that offers the sensational sweeping view of the Mediterranean and the breathtaking greenery. To start with, a sprawling property which is carefully hidden away in a luscious green haven, X-CHEN, is located in the famous city of Valbonne. Its architectural concept is a modern twist on contemporary style of the surroundings. It does not disappoint and lives up to the concept as it opens up the indoors to natural surroundings. As one enters the reception courtyard, the central sculptural fountain greets them and then the towering entrance pivoted door lets discover the gorgeous inside which consists of several living spaces, an open-plan kitchen and a laundry room, a dining room, a reception room and a living room complete with a designer fireplace! The living areas are extended by a master suite bedroom with a large walk-in closet and bathroom, overlooking the park, which is filled with towering trees to provide shade and a gigantic infinity pool. There is a stunning garden, a dining terrace along with a lounge. Three more suites can be found on the first floor as one climbs the central staircase from the entrance hall. The garden, park and infinity pool are the ultimate way to relax while looking at the surrounding landscape while sipping on French wine and munching on local delicacies such as pâté, wild mushrooms, cheese and black truffles.

Luxury Villa For Rent Cannes

Luxury Villa for rent with infinity pool, X-Chen, Cannes

Similarly, another staggering property which has just been completed on the heights of Cannes, The One, is another contemporary villa surrounding itself with panoramic views of the Mediterranean and Cap d’Antibes. It has a large bright living-room with a modern and technologically advanced kitchen. It has four bedroom suites and a garden. Complete with a terrace and a separate apartment. What makes this property stand out is a large outdoor cinema screen, ultra advanced home automation and an infinity pool which has an underwater music system!

One must book vacation place, at least, three months prior to the check in. One must make sure that the villa they are staying in is being inspected on a regular basis. To enjoy the view of the Mediterranean, June to August months are highly recommended.

Bienvenu en France et Bon Voyage!



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