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7 Tips to Make Your Holiday

in Santorini Heavenly
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May 28, 2019

While majority of people seem to visit a day on cruise ships, there are numerous things you can do in Santorini to make most of your holiday experience. 

Santorini is a piece of heaven that will surely give you the best memories you’ll never forget. If you are wondering on how to make your holidays in Santorini heavenly, you can stay at various Santorini villas or follow these tips below:

Tip #1: Stay in Luxury Santorini Villas or a Cave Hotel

Santorini is known for the elegance and luxury of its accommodation. Once you get out of your private transfer and walk up to Caldera for the first time, you’ll be amazed with the view and will surely take your breath away. If you have ever wanted to splurge in your life, luxury Santorini villas are the best choice. 

Santorini Villas | Haute RetreatsTip #2: Dine with a Beautiful View

There are lots of restaurants in Santorini that offers delicious Greek cuisine. Some of the finest restaurants are inland along with several cobblestone streets, yet nothing says romance like toast over a magnificent view.

Santorini Restaurants | Haute Retreats

Tip #3: Take a Sailing Trip

You can’t appreciate Santorini’s beauty without considering a sailing trip. You’ll see how beautiful Santorini is from the sea. You’ll also find huge sea cliffs to be mesmerizing. Aside from a sailing trip, you may go snorkeling, visit some beaches, and swim in hot springs. Lots of boat tours are available in Santorini and depending on your preferences, you may book in advance.

Santorini Villas

Tip #4: Try a Fish Pedicure

It might not be one of the usual things to do in Santorini but after strolling around, a good fish spa is something that your feet would want. 

Tip #5: Watch Sunset Over the Magnificent Blue Domes

While many people gather at the caldera to watch sunset, you might want to watch sunset in Blue Domes. The crowd isn’t that massive and by the time blue hour hit, many people were gone already and you can enjoy the moment with your travel buddy.

Santorini Villas | Haute Retreats

Tip #6: Enjoy Shopping in Fira

Fira is considered as the busiest town in Santorini with lots of cruise ships arriving at the port and passengers took gondola or do donkey rides up. If you want some souvenirs, Fira is the best place.

Tip #7: Learn How to Cook with Greek Cooking Class

If you are the type of person who loves everything about Greek food, you would not want to miss participating in a Greek cooking class. It might be an unusual thing to do in Santorini, but making iconic food in a new place makes your experience extra special. Plus, you can try what you have learned in your home once you’re done with your Santorini vacation. Taking cooking class in Santorini may include wine tasting.

There are other things you can do to make your experience heavenly in Santorini. These may include taking a wine tour and eating fresh Greek yogurt. But, before you decide to spend your holiday in Santorini, make sure to book at one of the best Santorini villas for your accommodation needs.

Greek Food | Haute Retreats
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