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Published on 8 September 2017 by Sabrina Piccinin

Hurricane Irma causes devastation in the Caribbean

We are in touch with the team in each island.

Updates September 13th 2017

Anguilla The onsite team at Ani Retreats Anguilla is safe however reservations are going to be postponed for 2018 due to the damages reported to the property.

Turks and Caicos the onsite team from Triton Villa and the other teams located in Turks and Caicos are safe and already working hard to have the properties and services as soon as possible, however we will update the situation in the next couple of weeks.

Punta Cana The onsite team confirmed everything is just fine and they sent pictures taken on September 9th please check the images below.

St Barts the situation is St. Barts is still  slow but with great promise. The government has created wi-fi posts at few locations on the island. They started cleaning the streets. The town hall will reopen this week and also the government services. We are going to receive new updates next week however we are not going to take new reservations until we have a clear situations.

St Martin the situation in St. Martin is not as bright. St. Martin reported major damages. As for now the electricity is only in Marigot. No reservations will taken for the next 60 days if not longer.

Necker Island as per Sir Branson updates you can take a look of the damages at this link we will keep up with the updates hoping that everybody will be ok soon in the BVI.

Miami we are going to receive updates in the next couple of days.

Updates September 9th 2017

Punta Cana confirmed the airport operations are active starting today and they had minor damages.

St. Martin as we all know right now there is not electricity and there are updates at the government site

We received confirmation that Grand Case had major damages and in general everywhere.

Barbados is ok and even the next hurricane is not going to hit.

BVI has major damages please check this link for more details

Hurricane Irma roared through the 40 small islands of the British Virgin Islands late on Wednesday, causing major damage to the largest and most populated island of Tortola.

Necker Island is also damaged and will be posting when they will accept bookings.

In Turks and Caicos communications went down as the storm slammed into the islands, and the extent of the devastation was not immediately clear. Our team is ok however we still don’t know the damages.

St. Barth has not electricity still. The opening of the Eden Rock was postponed to the end of October if not later please check this post for more news.


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