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January 21, 2017

Indulge at Hakuchōzan, Luxury Ski Chalet in Niseko

When you manage to stay at Hakuchōzan, you’re in for a very, very special treat. The Food Experience is unique. The chefs, the owner hires, are renowned as one of Niseko’s most prestigious chefs and cleverly combines traditional Japanese cuisine with new and initiative ways to present food. The wait staff are highly trained and more than happy to offer their expert recommendations and speak to diners enthusiastically about each dish.

Abound for each guest’s stay, including a special Hakuchōzan BBQ night featuring the owner’s signature recipe for the Hakuchōzan Wagyu steak.




skills of local chefs combined with these exceptional local ingredients leave every visitor wanting just that little bit more.



traditional izakaya, sukiyaki, udon and shabu-shabu.

Shabu Shabu is a Japanese hot pot dish, Nabemono, with paper-thin sliced beef.   It is cooked at the dinner table using a portable gas stove and we eat it as we cook.  There are a lot of Shabu Shabu speciality restaurants in Japan, but you can prepare it at home too.  The single most important ingredient of the dish is beef.  If you can get good quality meat, the rest is not hard at all.

The origin of Shabu Shabu is said to be when a restaurant in Osaka started serving it in the 1950s.  It is like Mizutaki and it is still cooked and eaten at the dinner table, but you don’t pack the pot with meat or fish and vegetables like other Nabemono.  You dip very thin slices of beef in hot Kombu broth and swirl them around a few seconds. Then you eat the hot meat with sauce.  Other kinds of thin meat or fish can be cooked in the same way (and still called Shabu Shabu), such as pork, crab, and blowfish, but beef Shabu Shabu is the most popular one of all.

Expertly prepared before your eyes by Niseko locals.




Fresh seafood and quality farm produce are at the core of Niseko’s rising culinary scene.

From Michelin Star restaurants to quaint family run cafés, Niseko has an array of dining options designed to suit every taste bud.

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