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A Week in St. Barts:

What to Expect and How to Plan the Perfect Week
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April 6, 2022

A Week in St. Barts: What to Expect and How to Plan the Perfect Week

Last updated on April 9th, 2022 at 12:28 am

A trip down to the Caribbean can be the perfect reset that your body and mind need. A trip to Saint Barthelemy, or St. Barts, in the French Antilles, is a guaranteed splendid vacation. St. Barts has become an increasingly popular location to visit for people of all backgrounds and interests. You will be vacationing among crystal clear beaches and seas with stunning mountains in the background. 

St Barts Vacation by Haute Retreats

Where to Stay 

St. Barts is the epitome of luxury, and you can have a fabulous time when you stay in one of the premier villas on the island. Villas at hotels that are nearby to top activities like Nikki Beach Club, the villages of Corossol and Flamand, and Lorient Beach. Whether you are celebrating a honeymoon, a birthday, or just trying to get away for a bit, why not chose a luxurious villa on the water with access to a private beach and spa amenities? 

Villas allow you privacy as you stay in St. Barts. Many of the homes that you can rent and stay in allow plenty of people to come with you. Homes that are available feature multiple rooms with king-sized beds, multiple bathrooms, and exquisite outdoor and indoor spaces. Some villas may have a certain minimum for nights stayed with them. Many owners have set up cleaners to visit you throughout your stay, so the only you have to worry about is where you’ll be heading next on the island instead of cleaning the kitchen. 

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Must-Do Activities 

Of course, one of the main things you will want to do while in St. Barts is head to one of their 22 beaches. Everyone can find what they are looking for—from those seeking rest and a quiet place to those who might want to do some water activities like snorkeling or standup paddleboarding. One of the main beaches that you have to visit is Colombier Cove. This beach can only be accessed by boat or by taking a walk from Petite-Anse. But once you are there, you will fall in love with this paradise on Earth. 

Some beaches, like Pearl Beach or Nikki Beach Lil’Rock, have beach clubs that you can rent beach chairs from. Relax with a book and don’t lift a finger as staff cater to you throughout the day. 

You may also want to look into renting a boat for a day. Whether you want the full luxurious experience of a crewed boat or not, you can see St. Bart’s from the water as you sail along the coastline. Borrow some snorkeling or diving equipment and see what lies beneath the surface but sip on some bubbly while you watch the sunset on board. One of the best spots to take a boat is to Fourchue Island where you can watch sea turtles on an uninhabited island. 

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Lakshmi | St Barts Villas | Haute Retreats

St. Bart’s is home to Morne de Vitet, the mountain that you will see as you fly into the island. You can hike up 286 meters to the top and get panoramic views of the island and ocean below. You can also see traditional huts as you make your way up!

To see more traditional St. Barts homes and culture, take a day trip to Corossol and Flamands. These authentic villages will show you how those native to the island still live. For example, in Corossol, you can see in this fishing town how women continue to weave leaves together to make hats and baskets. You can also visit the shell museum and see more than 9,000 shells. 

If you want to do some urban exploring, the capital city Gustavia is a great place to explore for a day. You can see Forts Karl and Gustav and Notre Dame Church as you walk around the marina and the red-roofed homes. This is also a great spot to go shopping in, with designer and luxury goods benefiting from the “duty free” designation of the port area. 

How to Plan Your Trip 

A trip to St. Bart’s is meant to be laid back and relaxing, so you don’t want to plan your vacation itinerary down to the minute. However, you can easily plan your days around expected weather or how you might be feeling when you wake up. Haute Retreats can help you find the perfect beach or rental shop that fits your needs and wants. It is very easy to get around to the different beaches and trails on the island, allowing you to sleep in and not feel rushed when starting your day. 

Even though you will be staying in a villa with access to your own kitchen, there are plenty of places to go to dinner or happy hours at if you don’t want the stress of cooking for yourself or we can arrange a private chef for you. One of the best places to have a drink after a day on the beach in Shellona in Gustavia. Next to Shell Beach, you can see the pinks and purple hues of the day ending while sipping on a fabulous cocktail. Or have a meal at Latin-French fusion restaurant Bonito Saint Barth. This exclusive restaurant pulls inspiration from South American and French cuisines to create memorable meals, such as their ceviche and tiraditos. 

St. Barts is a fantastic place to visit. A perfect beach getaway, couples or groups heading to the island can elevate their stay by renting a villa for their time there. Not only does renting a villa give you privacy and peace and quiet, it is also the perfect retreat to head back to after a day in the sun seeing what St. Barts has to offer. 

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