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The Caribbean's Next Billionaire Getaway:

Canouan Island
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October 10, 2020

Canouan Island is considered one of the holy grails of travel.

Bequia, Canouan, and Mustique have long been visited by travelers in search of escape – from the paparazzi, or society or from the rat race. One of the reasons is probably because the empty airport makes you feel you’re the first tourist ever to visit the small island. Canouan is the small island in the Caribbean nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Only nine of the Grenadines are inhabited, and even the most developed have managed to maintain a low profile. Canouan has become the next glamorous getaway, where billionaires escape from millionaires. Another reason why we love Canouan is the expanse and untouched verdant land and miles of sand beaches set against crystal-clear water that has a one of a kind tranquil atmosphere.

50 years after the royal arguably created the first bona fide, A-list destination in the Caribbean, an unassuming, neighboring island is aiming to displace Mustique as the jet set getaway of the 2020s, Canouan Island.

Canouan Island | Haute Retreats

Canouan Island is a small island, just five-square-mile nation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where to spend an exclusive vacation. In 2018, the Mandarin Oriental made its Caribbean debut on the eastern reaches, where there was once the Pink Sands Club and now there is a property where you will feel like to be in Portofino, with luxury private villas and amazing suites.

The appeal of Canouan is easy to understand. he island’s natural assets are almost unmatched in the Caribbean. Small and easily navigated—golf carts replace cars here—the island’s name derives from a local word for land turtle, and the animals are so ubiquitous that you can take a short boat journey to the nearby cluster of Tobago Cays to observe them in a marine park preserve. Hummingbirds flit between the lush foliage, while rays, eels, and fishes teem through the reefs. One noteworthy coral outcrop runs for a mile and a half along the Atlantic side of the island, cushioning golden beaches like Mahault from harsh waves and creating clear, pool-like waters close to the coast. The best perch to observe it all is on Mount Royal, the highest point of the island, which overlooks the rest of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Mustique included).

One of the key differentiators is probably the celebrities have their privacy. But we are sure you saw Amy Schumer’s posts about her babymoon, and Robert Downey Jr’s yacht has been spotted moored in the harbour.

The airport had major upgrades like the extension of the runway specifically with large private jets in mind. The landing strip now is able to accommodate large planes like the Boeing 737, so you don’t need to land in Barbados first. Night landing now is also permitted.

Mandarin Oriental | Canouan | Haute Retreats

Mandarin Oriental Canouan | Haute Retreats

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