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November 28, 2020

“Travel and tell no one, live a true love story and tell no one, live happily and tell no one, people ruin beautiful things.” – Kahlil Gibran


This quote represents the situation we are living in right now and what we are going to experience in the post-lockdown “normal”, in one sentence you have the summary of what is going to happen, have us craving more seclusion…

The uncertain situation and the isolation have led many of us to feel an aversion to crowds and we feel anxious when we think about traveling. Travel freely is what we hope we will do soon and we know hidden places where we can guarantee privacy, seclusion, and space are going to be on top of the list. We have seen a trend and homes-from-homes, private villas and residences are the perfect choices.

Fregate Island Private , Seychelles

Fregate Island Private , Seychelles

We saw already in the last couple of years a trend in the wellness destinations and we believe the next years the perfect setting for our vacations will include stunning scenery, immersion in nature, and interesting outdoor activities.

We bring all together when we select the top destinations for your holidays in 2021 and 2022. Each villa we offer has a “personality” and have access to around-the-clock concierge service and a range of wonderful experiences you can choose from –  a selection of outdoor activities, which includes yacht charters, helicopter trips, hiking, vineyards visits, snorkeling….

We maintain active communication with our clients throughout. Our priority, for those who could not travel, is to understand their concerns and offer flexibility in terms of cancellations and also planning. We are proud to say that we have a wonderful team and our partners have the same priority as we do. Move bookings to next year and flexible payment options have been integrated. Flexible pricing for longer stays has become very important for many guests since they are looking from home in more exotic locations. We know how important it is right now to be able to reassure our guests.

Health and wellbeing during Covid-19 have made travelers and everyone in general more thoughtful and conscious. Staying active and being outdoors are going to be part of the future trends, we are developing partnership with fitness-brand, instructors that will assist our clients to work out the property while on holiday.

Royal Villa | Chablé Yucatan | Mexico

Royal Villa | Chablé Yucatan | Mexico

Our selection of villas right now is taking into consideration the outdoor setting where nature has to be present and surround the villas. We saw a rise of requests from clients that can work from anywhere, working from home with no doubt will continue. Accommodation is based on whether the Wi-Fi is strong, whether there is an office available, and a long stay rate. Travellers won’t mind staying for the long term in low season in a selection of countries where they experience less crowded holiday.

Choosing a villa over a hotel room is probably what we believe it will be increasing where there is more privacy, freedom, option to choose the different level of services. However, villas need to guarantee implementation of Health Covid protocols and our villas right now have all implemented 100%. The hotels in some cases give a better sense to be more under control. But we know the villas offered have all a team that is trained in the latest hygiene procedures.

Wymara Villa | Turks and Caicos

Wymara Villa | Turks and Caicos

One thing we know for sure there are so many people including us that are eager to travel again and regain a sense of normality. We know we changed after this pandemic, from talking about over-tourism we started talking and using the word isolation…and desolated place from the squares in Rome to the narrow streets in Venice including beaches like the ones in the when we will travel again we are sure everything it will be such a wanderlust feeling, each moment will be the most precious one. The choice of the destination and what is the view we want to have when we will wake up will make sense and will make a difference because we, unfortunately, experienced that there could be an end to what we thought was something so normal and part of our life. 

We will start writing more about the reason why we choose that particular villa considering more about the feelings you will have than the actual layout and the look.

The trend will be feeling good…in the deepest way and sort of recharge and reassurance that everything will be just OK! 


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