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Visiting Barbados:

An insider's Guide (Updated)
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August 28, 2020

Barbados is a very special place to visit, there’s no doubt about that. When you think about Barbados you dream its beautiful beaches, crystal clear blue waters, glorious year-round sunshine and wonderfully warm people.

Barbados has everything you have ever imagined to experience on a Caribbean island getaway from the idyllic beaches to the swaying palm trees, and the luxury accommodations that this island has to offer. It is considered “the most British” of the Caribbean islands, Barbados has a rich history, and so much nature to explore. Here the afternoon tea is also a ritual, cricket is the national pastime as well as dressing for dinner.

Barbados is not welcoming travelers from July 12th 2020, to date this island has had just 151 cases of Covid-19 and only seven deaths. But the import of tourism here cannot be denied, and fear of closure is overcoming fear of the virus, the economy is based mainly from tourism.

Best time to visit

Barbados, in general, boasts a year round temperate climate that rarely goes below 70 degrees (21 degrees Celsius), the summer months are usually rainy and occasionally is also the hurricane season, that rarely make landfall.

The best time to visit is from November to June when the sky is clear with sunny days when the majority of travelers arrive to the island. Christmas and New Year see a peak in occupancy. July and August are ok months also if you would like to take part in some of the island’s famed festivals.

We believe May is also a good month to visit if you want to experience the island without the winter crowds.

Barbado Villa Rentals

Beautiful sandy beaches Barbados

Where to stay on Barbados

Barbados includes 11 parishes, but to make it easy we divide this island in 3 areas that you can consider when you book your accommodation.

Elegant Luxury on the West Coast of Barbados

The West Coast is also know as Barbados’Platinum Coast, where you will enjoy manicured beaches, mill-pond calm ocean, and luxury villas and resorts. Here you will experience the very best of the island.


Wild and more natural on the East Coast

Crane Beach to Pie Corner

The East Coast is tranquil and unspoilt, ideal for travellers looking for a true life experience on Barbados. This coast is battered by Atlantic breaks, the beaches are sculpted into undulating dunes and the palm trees grow crooked due to the constant strain of onshore winds. Very few places where to stay here in this part.

Popular with all inclusive holidays the South Coast of Barbados

This part of the island is heavily developed and home to the country’s capital Bridgetown. This is the epicentre of the tourist trade. Perfect beaches for families and couples looking to sun soaking. This is also the part of the island where there are more parties especially around St. Lawrence Gap. Here you can find all inclusive resorts or more affordable options.

What you should know about Barbados

On Barbados your will find anything you need from transport, communication etc.


Here you can find the major supermarket chains, almost all food and beverage products are imported and so will likely be more expensive that in the UK and major US cities. Barbados also offers travellers with dietary requirements all the options they need.


No crime problems on Barbados, tourists feel safe when walking through the capital and along the coastline, however we always recommend to be vigilant and diligent with personal safety and valuables.

Laws and Local Customs

Tipping is welcomed but not expected.

Topless and nude sunbathing is illegal on Barbados.

It’s an offence for anyone, including children, to dress in camouflage clothing. The recognisable print is reserved for the island’s military.


Since you are a tourist on Barbados, you will need to apply to obtain a local permit to drive. The car rental agencies will assist you with this procedure or you can also visit the Barbados Licensing Authority – offices located in Christchurch, St. Michael, St. Peter, and St. James.

No drink-drive limit, however you should always be careful when you drive.

New Visa

Barbados also recently announced its Welcome Stamp visa for sun-seeking digital nomads. Valid for 12 months, it allows anyone earning over a certain salary to live and work remotely temporarily. If you are not ready to commit to a year, Barbados is still a great destination where to enjoy a nice vacation even for a couple of weeks. Book an oceanfront villa like Bonavista . It is set on a quiet stretch of white, sand beach on the stunning West Coast of Barbados.

During your stay on Barbados you should not miss a visit at the Mount Gay Rum HQ in 1703. At the visitor center you will learn more of the history of the rum. You will also have a sample of great dark and white blends. Compare its product with those from Foursquare in Saint Philip Parish, and Mount Gilboa, a 100 percent pot still rum made by the Mount Gay distillery.

Contact us today, if you’re thinking of booking a Barbados villa.  Our dedicated professional team will arrange any added extras you need. You can explore all of our Barbados Villas here


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