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October 15, 2023

Last updated on November 5th, 2023 at 11:12 pm

Haute Retreats and its commitment to our guests.

We started Haute Retreats not focusing in volume and transactions but our core is to deliver more, we are the trusted partner who support our guests ensuring they get the most out of their vacations.

We provide our guests with everything in one place

We choose the right villa/accommodation and location for you. We create the itinerary arranging all the services, excursions and activities. We have built a strong collaborations with partners and suppliers that have the same goal: Delivering the best experience to our guests.

Once your itinerary is ready we provide an extended documentation with details and references, only in one place, we make sure our guests will get the most out of their trip. We partnered with ONEflight International one of the best private jet charter companies based in Colorado that have access to thousands of private jets and guests have access to their benefits which include private transfers and other perks. We also offer luxury car rentals through another distinctive company. We now also provide Yacht charter itineraries in the most beautiful destinations in the world.

BE Beachfront Villa + 2 BR Cottage | Turks and Caicos Villas

BE Beachfront Villa + 2 BR Cottage | Turks and Caicos Villas

What is Haute Retreats and our business model?

Haute Retreats is a business focused on providing unique travel experiences to discerning clients all over the world. Our clients fall into individuals traveling for leisure, families, a group of friends and participants to events. What all have in common is Personalisation. To better serve our individual clientele, we strive to continuously exceed the boundaries of personalisation. We treat our guests as individual guests even if the travel together. Each of our guests must feel looked after and welcomed. We are based in Italy but we work strategically with owners and property managers based in each of the destinations we offer. We offer that gracious and professional service wherever you go.

The typical journey when our clients book through Haute Retreats

Our guest as soon as secure a reservation with us, has a dedicated travel planner where everything will take care of every needs and wishes. We will go through a list of specific tastes and preferences that will help us to prepare the best experience for them.

Villa Anavaya Koh Samui Thailand

Villa Anavaya Koh Samui Thailand


Why it is different to book directly with Haute Retreats and why you should use our services

We know our clients and we make sure they are recognises everywhere they go, especially with luxury villas, we know what their tastes are and preferences in design, location, and setting of the property.

What types of advantages and privileges  Haute Retreats offers?

Our partners offer our guests amenities that add significant value, such as daily breakfast, usually American or buffet, a destination relevant welcome amenity, an upgrade to the next category of rooms or suite, and a hotel/resort credit, which will encourage resident guests to dine-in, test the room-service, visit the spa and explore the wine list at the bar. We also have a program for our guests it’s free and we want to gift our guests. We introduced benefits because we know these small details are incredibly important to travelers. Our guests can browse our properties not only through the number of bedrooms, baths but also through the amenities a property differs from another, if it includes breakfast, if it offers a private chef, a private helipad…

In the future, we will keep working towards having more resources available to better support the dreams of our guests and deliver those in a most seamless and satisfactory fashion.


Contact Haute Retreats to plan a trip, our team of expert travel designers can recommend the best villas, luxury resorts, restaurants and activities for your interests.

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