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Prestigious Amalfi Coast Luxury Villas
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July 21, 2016

Haute Retreats is a luxury company in Italy established to offer high-quality luxury villas to individuals. Haute Retreats is an outstanding collection of exotic and exquisite world-class villas that can be found in the areas of South Africa, Italy, Costa Rica, Greece, Saint Martin, France, Maldives and Bali with special events where high-quality suite and Grande cuisines are available.

So, for those who are particularly in love with the architecture of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, its cultural beauty, rustic stone vanities, lovely weather, and gorgeous terrace views, we’ve got you expressly covered at Haute Retreats. With us, you will find a variety of luxury villa rentals of your choice that have been professionally inspected and made available to you at a very affordable rate.

At this juncture, we introduce to you two astonishing luxury villas (the Palazzo Santa Croce and Villa San Giacomo) that are both appealing to your taste and sense of Italy. These villas are perched on the highest points of their respective locations and are hot cakes in terms of charm and adequate hospitality.

Palazzo Santa Croce

Giacomo Suite

Giacomo Suite – Palazzo Santa Croce 

The Palazzo Santa Croce is an ornate villa that commands the spectacular views of the Mediterranean, and a striking view of Positano from its lofty position. From the exquisite stucco facade, homey ceramic tiles on the interior floors, and thespian terraces, this villa is just the perfect choice for you. As an added perk, this villa affords you with the full admiration of the off-seasons as you’ll still experience that unmatchable warmth with its flourishing gardens and olive groves. This villa is ideal for large families and delicious meals (from a plush kitchen), grills and drinks alongside a private spa with an indoor swimming pool, massage jets, and en-suite hot tub are all yours to enjoy and cool off with. Your errands can also be happily run by the staff as your satisfaction is very paramount and a royalty treatment is assured.

Villa San Giacomo

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to inhale the beauty of Positano, here we are to make your wonder a reality by helping you book the Villa San Giacomo – another reigning villa with a historical touch where you’ll both feel at home and experience heaven on earth. This villa, built in 1741 is one of the deluxe milestone homes in Positano and was restored about 6 years ago to suit your requirements. A stay in this luxurious villa affords you a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean and other sights as well as a pampered treatment by the staff. Despite being one of the most elite holiday homes on the Italian Amalfi Coast, it’s relatively easy to settle in. Your stay in this villa begins with a welcome dinner in the evening you arrive (on a magnificent platform with sea view) and then subsequent delicious Italian cuisines prepared for you by a private chef.

With its recent renovation, the Villa San Giacomo does not only meet your business needs as it also offers awesome spaces for vacations and events. Also, in times when bookings are not full, individual rooms can be booked just for you to enjoy the paradise feeling of the villa. From the double rooms, fashionable interiors, vast garden, lovely terrace, library, swimming pools, frescoed halls, ultra-modern kitchen, and other endearing facilities, you can’t just have enough of this luxury villa.

Contact us today and let’s help you enjoy the sophistication and privacy of these luxury Italian villas in Positano. Remember, there’s no other place you’d like to be than Haute Retreats, where meeting your needs and beyond it is our first priority.

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