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The Best Places to Travel in March 2023

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February 27, 2023

Have you ever thought about heading away on holiday this March? March can often be a brilliant time of year to go away on holiday, but to make the most of this awesome experience, you’ll want to start by visiting some of the most stunning local regions. So, without further ado, we’ve outlined some of the nine best places to travel in March to help you create your dream holiday this year.

The Best Places to Travel in March 

If you’ve been looking to travel in March, there are countless excellent places you should visit – but finding the right one isn’t always clear. Still, holidaying in March can be a great option in many cases, which is why the following destinations could be perfect.


If you’ve always wanted to make the most of the winter weather, a visit to Telluride in Colorado is the ideal opportunity! Indeed, as one of the United States’ best-known ski towns overall, Telluride offers amazing opportunities for those wanting to experience the joy and wonder of natural skiing. Or, why not take things a step further with heli-skiing or snow biking? 

Telluride villa rentals

Palm Springs 

Palm Springs is highly regarded as a classy, sophisticated, and luxurious place to live – and this is just as true for those looking to visit the region on holiday, too. Palm Springs offers countless exceptional hotels and stays, so it’s the ideal way to pamper yourself this season.

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Tuscany is one of those destinations that’s truly exceptional in terms of natural beauty – picture -perfect in every possible way! With this thought in mind, if you have been looking for a stunning destination to visit during March, this could be one option that’s sure to amaze.

Of course, during the heat of the summer months, Tuscany can often get packed with tourists – but in March, things tend to be much quieter. Delight yourself in some of the region’s exceptional sights and sounds; plus, thanks to its excellent location, it’s possible to make the most of your holiday by taking a day trip to some of the other neighbouring cities and towns.

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St Martin 

St Martin in the Caribbean is a delightful tropical island with numerous amazing sights that are sure to make your holiday extra special. Better yet, the weather in St Martin tends to be at its driest in February and March, so there’s less chance of a tropical shower interrupting your break. Better still, the region hosts the SXM Festival and the Heineken Regatta during March, so this is well worth watching if possible!

best things to do in St Martin

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Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a simply delightful destination to visit in March, as the weather typically reaches a hot and enjoyable 26 degrees Celsius (without becoming too hot). And, while the water can be a little fresher than in many other seasons, it’s worth noting that now’s the perfect time to catch the last of the season’s sharks while snorkeling until the following winter.

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March is Tulum’s driest month of the year, making it a brilliant time to visit this divine region if you’ve been wanting a beach vacation! Plus, there are plenty of amazing things to see in the region, such as the Wine and Food Festival, the Alborada Maya, and the Spring Equinox celebrations at Chichen Itza.

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If you’ve been wanting a vibrant and exciting holiday, Morocco could be an excellent destination to consider for your March holiday. Not only is Morocco much less busy during March, but it’s also packed with incredible sights and could be the ideal time to visit. 

International Nomad Festivals are frequently held in M’Hamid el Ghizlane. Meanwhile, scaling the Sahara Desert’s sand dumes is truly incredible at this cooler time of year; however, try to go in the middle of the day to avoid the surprisingly bitter nights!

A jewel of Moroccan cultural heritage | La Brillante | Marrakech

A jewel of Moroccan cultural heritage | La Brillante | Marrakech

Costa Rica

There’s just something incredible about Costa Rica. With this thought in mind, we strongly recommend that you consider visiting this breathtaking country!

Costa Rica is packed with some of the most stunning natural sights and wildlife in the Pacific, with world-class diving opportunities that will help transform the trip into a memory you’ll cherish forever! However, it’s not just the amazing sights that help make this a stunning location; 

Cielo Mar | Costa Rica Villas | Haute Retreats

Cielo Mar | Costa Rica Villas | Haute Retreats

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking to travel this March, there are plenty of excellent destinations you could consider visiting – and we’ve outlined a few of these today to help you find the perfect destination. Indeed, while many of us struggle to find the ideal holiday destination, today’s top picks could be excellent options to consider overall.