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How to Book The Perfect Villa in St. Barts

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September 19, 2023

Last updated on October 21st, 2023 at 09:33 pm

Although summer is slowly reaching its end, there is still a lot of time for planning a great vacation. With so many amazing destinations being offered, it is hard to make up your mind and choose a perfect spot. But if you are in the mood for a luxury and relaxing vacation, then the Caribbean Island St. Barts is undoubtedly a place for you. Renting one of the St. Barts villa rentals will provide you with the ultimate summer experience on one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Saint Barthelemy or just St. Barts is usually regarded as the most astonishing island in the most beautiful area in the world – The Caribbean. Pleasant tropical climate and white sandy beaches in a combination with a strong influence of French culture make St. Barts a truly unique destination. French-styled restaurants, boutiques, villas, and restaurants perhaps make the island even more attractive than the absolutely mesmerizing beauty of the beaches and nature on St. Barts


blanc blue by Haute Retreats St Barts

Villa Blanc Bleu, St Barts

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What to Expect?

Although Columbus was the first foreign visitor to the island, he is definitively not only one. On the contrary, St. Barts is a major tourist destination for travellers from all over the world. It can easily be reached through a small but modern airport. Another possibility is to use a ferry or a yacht since there is a well-equipped harbor which will settle all your needs.

Many of the best places to stay in St Barts are set near the brilliant beaches of St Jean Bay or Grand Cul-de-Sac Bay, but some of our favourites are hidden on hillsides with panoramic ocean views.

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Villas with ocean views in st barts by Haute Retreats

Villa My Way, St Barts

Booking Villas in St. Barts

St. Barts is an exquisite place where one can find and book the most luxurious villas, all of which provide their guests with breathtaking views over the sea and unforgettable landscapes as well as extraordinary service with the possibility of numerous additional amenities and offers. Thus, a large number of villas are meant for eight to twelve guests and each and every one of them is children friendly. Villas also feature of at least three bedrooms or more with separate balconies and bathrooms. What is more, no matter what luxury villa on St. Barts you decide to choose for your vacation, be sure you will have your private beach, and in case you prefer swimming in a pool, you will have the chance to enjoy the crystal clear blue water swimming pools in St. Barts’ villas.

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Renting a luxury villa in St. Barts indeed has a lot of advantages. To start with, you will have an entire villa only for you, your family and friends. Then, the villas always provide you with a lot of space, several bedrooms, large living room and in addition, they always have additional amenities that involve your own gardener, pool cleaner, and laundry service. In some of the villas, you can even have your private chef, a butler in the villa or at the beach, private driver and many many other benefits and conveniences. Large families that travel with children have the chance to hire babysitters that will greatly ease their stay and vacation in St. Barts. And perhaps the best part of the St. Barts villas is their location. They are usually very close to all the main restaurants and clubs, and believe it or not, they are only 10 minutes drive to the town or even to the airport. The reason why many guests decide exactly for the villas in St. Barts is that apart from a luxury they provide, they also include memorable and very appealing picnics and excursions to the nearby places. In case you decide to book St. Barts villas, don’t miss the chance to spend your day at the excursion. 

All in all, luxury villas and rentals in St. Barts are more than awesome, and the reasons for booking them during your vacation are many. That is why you should check out some of them, including Villa Vitti, Villa My Way, Villa Dunes, Villa June and many more. They are all unique in their own way, and once you see what they offer, you will know which one of them suits you best.

Travel In Style!

Contact Haute Retreats or email your Trip Designer to start planning winter vacations for this year and the future. Beloved destinations like the ones listed here are booking up quickly, due to increased re-booking policies. Our team can match you with the accommodations and activities that are right for you transportation options, private villas and charters and more. 

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